We can’t settle for “low-energy” Christianity anymore. It’s time to pick up the pace and charge forward in faith. To win the 21st century, and to complete the Great Commission, we need a fresh surge of energy in the Christian movement, starting with you, putting your life into action for Christ! 

That kind of action is at the heartbeat of Life Action—where revival and mission intersect, and where on-fire Jesus-followers go out in the power of God to change the world. 

Where does it all begin? 

Every revival movement starts with a humble heart saying yes to God. 

From there, all sorts of doors can open, and not only can that person change, but the whole world around them can. Every year, Life Action’s revivalists, musicians, creatives, and ministry workers aim to invite tens of thousands of people to take steps toward personal revival, which we pray will lead to renewed vitality and bold mission. 

So the question we ask around here is simple: How many people can we reach with this call? To win this generation for Christ, every church, every mission agency, every family, and every individual disciple of Jesus has a part to play. When we say yes, personally and together, we engage in this, the most important work of our time. 

But there’s more. 

Here’s the challenge. Even if all of us say yes and join the mission, we still won’t see the kingdom movement we’re praying for—not without the supernatural power of God. And that’s where the ENERGY for our big mission really comes from. It’s not about our will, it’s about His! 

Here’s our key verse in Life Action, and one that we hope will inspire you to trust God for great things as well: 

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish
infinitely more than we might ask or think (Ephesians 3:20 NLT). 

The words mighty power in this verse are dynamis energeo in the Greek. Consider that: The dynamic energy of God, working within us, is the key to seeing God’s will accomplished on earth as it is in heaven! 

Our part is to say yes to God in humility. 

God’s part is to supply the dynamis energeo that will change the world. 

From there, what should we expect? 

Dear Life Action family, 

Every generation has defining moments. I believe this is ours. 

Our world is in disarray. People are scrambling, fearful, upset, and aimless. Hope for a better future has suddenly been clouded over by “wars and rumors of wars,” along with a variety of other risks and pressures. There is a lot of darkness out there, giving way to despair. 

And although Jesus is the light of the world, it doesn’t feel like He’s here right now. 

But we are. 

And that’s always been the idea. When Jesus left earth, He told His soon-to-be-empowered disciples that they were to share His good news boldly and seek His kingdom first. Remember when He taught them that they were the light of the world, too? That His work within them was supposed to shine out? 

That’s why the early believers were mocked for being like “little Christs.” They looked so much like Jesus that having a Christian nearby DID mean that Jesus was nearby. That’s why Paul said they were ambassadors. And we are too. 

Right now is the moment we’re needed, Church. Right now is our opportunity to do exactly what Jesus left us on earth to do. We can’t be timid, hunker down, or hide our light under a basket (Matthew 5:14-16). 

We want to help Christians shine brightly. 

Life Action’s plan to meet the moment involves three big moves we’re making—three things that will significantly multiply the ministry God has given us. Our ministry is very strong at creating spaces for people to encounter God, and our new initiatives build on that foundation. Here’s what we plan to do: 

  • Inspire 10,000 more disciples to put their lives into action for Christ, which means they mobilize into mission for Him! We’re building out our new system to connect with and equip them, so that in communities all across North America, we’ll be able to help kingdom-first, on-fire believers represent Jesus.
  • Invest in 250 young leaders who can help win the 21st century for Christ. These young adults will become bold mission and revival leaders of tomorrow, but we need them start sooner than that!
  • Influence 20,000 leaders to strengthen the Christian movement. God has men and women of courage in strategic positions all across the world, and we want to encourage them, refresh them, and help them succeed and multiply. 

Altogether, we need Christians everywhere to stand out like Daniel did in Babylon and like Esther did in Persia—to boldly stand for what is right, to bring wisdom into dark places, to share love where life is most difficult. Instead of hiding in the shadows, we are being called forward “for such a time as this.” 

It’s time to meet the moment. Are you ready to put your life into action for Christ?

P.S. – Right now we are praying for additional staff and money to launch these new initiatives. If God leads you get involved, please let us know. 

Would You Help Us Sustain and Grow Life Action into the Next Ministry Season?

We have an aggressive plan to inspire people everywhere to say yes to God, and to help win the 21st century with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. May 31 represents the last day of our fiscal year, which is critically important to our planning and budgeting process. Much of what we do going forward is dependent on how much of our $225,000 need is met by this time. 

With your help, we can move forward with these exciting projects for the next fiscal year:

  • Renovations and upgrades to our tabernacle and children’s ministry spaces at Life Action Camp
  • A new road team training suite that will help improve and grow opportunities to equip young leaders
  • An all-new communications strategy that will foster long-term impact following up our church events
  • A new website for LifeAction.org
  • New spaces for additional staff at our International Ministry Center
  • Upgrades for the Life Action Camp dining room
  • An outreach initiative to inspire and influence more church leaders across North America
  • A new church conference option, ENERGIZE, to focus on mobilizing Christians toward personal and family mission
  • New partnerships to reach out in Europe and Asia 

Would you pray about helping us by May 31, so we can sustain and grow Life Action into the next ministry season? 


We need five people who will say YES at this level. 


We need ten people who will say YES at this level.


We need thirty people who will say YES at this level.


We need fifty people who will say YES at this level.

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A Rewritten Story

When God intervenes, and when His people respond, tragedies are redeemed, reversed, rewritten.

Nick and Paige’s story was shaping up to be a tragedy. Many circumstances that tend to kill marriages were already in place. Nick’s job kept him gone from home for long stretches—sometimes two months or more. He was unhappy, so he found a measure of relief in alcohol and by doling out emotional and verbal abuse on Paige. She was unhappy, too, and found a measure of relief in bed with another man.

But Nick didn’t know about that . . . yet. 

Bad got worse when Nick lost his job. But, as God so often arranges, that which seemed like a setback was turned into a way of redemption, and He began to turn Nick’s heart. “God told me, ‘You need Me,’” Nick recalls. “So I told Paige that we needed to get involved in church.”

They began visiting churches in their area and soon started attending First Baptist Church in Eunice, Louisiana, where, in Nick’s words, “We were welcomed. We were loved.” 

Not long after that, a team from Life Action conducted a revival Summit at their church. It was during this time that God really began to deal with Nick about the way he had treated Paige. And then, as they were leaving church one night, Paige admitted to Nick that she had been unfaithful.

Her confession was met with several days of coldness and distance as Nick silently processed what he’d heard. “I think that’s the most praying I ever did,” Paige says.

For more than a week, Nick wrestled with what to do, but eventually concluded, How can I not forgive her when she has forgiven me for so much? . . . It is forgiven.

With that, by the grace of God, their story was already being rewritten. Anger and deception were giving way to honesty and compassion. Two lives and a marriage were going to be rebuilt—this time on a foundation of forgiveness.

“I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you.”
(Isaiah 44:22 esv)

Make It Personal

In addition to asking our Life Action family to help financially support and eventually join the new initiatives we have outlined, we also want to invite you to make these efforts personally. Your personal inspiration, investment, and influence could add just as much value (or even more) to the next generation. Here’s a pathway to pray about and think through what your personalized involvement could be. 

Inspire More Disciples 

How could you boost your reach personally to those around you—in small groups, at your workplace, at your school, in your community? How could you inspire more believers around you to put their lives into action for Christ? Become a cheerleader for good, and start thinking of yourself as a mission mobilizer. 

Invest in Young Leaders 

What young leader could you pour into, by way of prayer, opportunities, mentoring, or support? What young person do you know, who has underdeveloped potential, that you could encourage? Ask the Lord to bring the right person to mind, and then start investing yourself into them. 

Influence and Strengthen Leaders 

The leaders who oversee your church, ministry, school, and workplace are all important, especially those who are standing for Christ in tough situations. How could you more intentionally pray for and influence them? How could you strengthen their hands for the work God has put before them?