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It’s hard, deciding who and what you will become. Wanting to make a difference but not knowing how. We’ve been there, we get it. And at Life Action, we’ve found our purpose in helping Christians say yes to God.

See, the church in America is wrestling with hypocrisy—people saying one thing but doing something else. Sadly, many feel stuck in this lifestyle. But Jesus promises abundant life! And it’s our mission to help believers everywhere embrace a life with Jesus that is real and joy-filled.

Create Spaces for People to Meet with Jesus

Our conference teams travel the country from church to church, creating spaces for people to meet with Jesus. Together, we see marriages restored, wrongs forgiven, and so much more. Simply because people met with Jesus.

Never Be the Same

We believe that if you invest one year with Life Action, the rest of your life will have the mark of God’s call on it—because we will provide the biblical instruction, counseling training, and career instruction needed to launch into life with purpose.

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“Traveling with Life Action was one of the most influential things I’ve ever experienced.”

Road Team Member

Traveling with Life Action was one of the most influential things I’ve ever experienced.

Road Team Member

Traveling Positions

Worship Team Musician


Individuals to play piano, guitars, percussion, or other instruments for services. Audition required.

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Audition Instructions

Worship Team Vocalist


Male and female vocalists who will prepare by memorizing the music selections. They will minister in Summits and THIRST Conferences through singing and personal testimony. Audition required.

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Audition Instructions

Children Minister


Individuals who have a passion to work with children and teach them biblical principles on their level. Our children’s clubs include Happy Heart City (four years old through first grade) and Base Camp (second through fifth grades). Experience preferred. Audition required.

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Audition Instructions

Student Speaker


Individuals, who may have some experience, will be trained to preach and engage with youth students. They will be on the front lines, directly influencing and inspiring the next generation.

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Media Technicians


Individuals, who may have some experience, will be trained to coordinate, maintain, and operate various computerized media equipment. They will be responsible to provide quality technical media assistance for speakers and team presentations.

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Audio Technicians


Individuals, who may have some experience, will be trained to coordinate, maintain, and operate the sound equipment for all team performances and activities.

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Business Manager


Responsible and organized people to handle and account for the team’s travel cash, love offerings, book table money, and other income for Life Action.

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Truck & Bus Drivers


Individuals at least 21 years of age will be trained to operate vehicles under a Michigan CDL (Commercial Driver License). They will be responsible to professionally drive and inspect Life Action vehicles, with primary emphasis on safety. Specific qualifications apply.

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School Teachers


Proficient individuals to teach the school-aged children of Life Action staff families on the road in a predetermined program selected by the parents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fund Raising

One of the exciting aspects of Life Action is that we operate as a faith ministry. Our staff members and families are challenged to raise their own financial support. This is a new venture for most who join us, but one that offers the anticipation of seeing God supply needs through unexplainable answers to prayer. Now, before you begin thinking that raising enough money for an entire year of traveling is virtually impossible, let’s think about how powerful God really is. He has been faithful to supply all the needs of every team member for over fifty years, and we know that He will continue to supply our needs as we seek Him. In addition to watching the Lord supply our needs, we get the opportunity of seeing others blessed through our ministry. As we raise support, we get to share openly about what God is doing in our lives and why we carry a burden for revival. God uses our testimony to glorify Himself and challenge others, and we receive a blessing as God brings various people into our lives to join us in our ministry to the nation. Our Philosophy of Support Raising: It is my responsibility to inform people of my needs; it is God’s responsibility to direct those people whether or not to give; it is each person’s responsibility to respond in obedience to God’s prompting. “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). The financial requirement for the travel year is $3,500 (does not include Life Action’s health insurance). The fee that you choose will cover costs of staff training, lodging, meals, books and resource materials, ministry supplies, internship, and activities. In addition to this fee, we also recommend that each team member raise an extra monthly amount to take care of any personal needs such as snacks, medicine, gifts, cell phone, etc. Note: This information is subject to change.

How old do I have to be to become a team member?

We require each applicant to be at least 18 and a high school graduate. Team members have a huge responsibility because they are constantly in the “public eye” as they minister to adults, youth, and children. All of us represent Christ to those we minister to, so we must have a high standard of maturity that will bring glory to His name. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).

Where do the teams go?

Life Action is a non-denominational ministry, so we visit any church that will allow us to preach the gospel and proclaim biblical truth. We have been all over the United States, and we have even visited other countries a few times! Note: For a complete listing of Life Action Summits, please click here.

How many team members are on each team?

The number of team members varies from team to team. The average team has 20 team members on it.

Where do the team members stay?

Team members have the privilege of staying in homes all across America. This is one of the most exciting and fun elements of traveling. The team gets to know many types of people from all different walks of life, and they have the opportunity to invest in many families.

How many months out of the year do the teams travel?

The teams will train for about a month, and then they will usually be on the road for about nine months. After their last conference (and if they are not returning for another year), the team members will come back to minister during our Family Camps in Buchanan, MI. Those who are returning for another year will usually be released to spend some time at home before coming back to work the last few weeks of Family Camp. Note: This information may change from year to year.

Do the teams have any “down time”?

Nope, sorry, you work non-stop for ten months straight. Just kidding! Yes, the team gets some quality time to relax. The teams have days off during and between each Summit to enjoy their surroundings and get some much-needed rest. One of the benefits of traveling is getting to see many beautiful places. Our teams have occasionally visited places like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Gettysburg.

Where do the team members train in the summer?

The teams train at our Life Action Camp in Buchanan, MI. This beautiful lakefront property is located about 25 minutes north of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.

What do the teams travel in?

Vehicles. We like them to have wheels. Travel days are some of the most fun and relaxing days on the road. Each team has a semi-truck that hauls all of the sound equipment, materials, and personal possessions of each team member. The team members travel comfortably in a bus.

Do I need car insurance?

We don’t require our team members to have car insurance, but we definitely prefer them to. At each Summit, the church loans vehicles for the team members to use. Unfortunately, if the team member does not have insurance, they cannot drive these vehicles.

What music style do the teams use?

We believe that our music should glorify God in how it is performed and presented. Our desire is to create a worshipful atmosphere that focuses attention on Christ and communicates biblical truths and principles.

How do I get money on the road?

The teams travel a lot, so receiving money can be a little tricky, but not too difficult. We recommend finding a nationwide bank and getting a debit card so you can withdraw amounts while traveling. Also, the ministry offers direct deposit of personal support money.

What team will I be on?

Each team member needs to be flexible in this area, because many factors change during Staff Training. Some people are switched from team to team; on the other hand, some actually end up traveling with the team they are assigned to. The Lord always works out every situation for His glory.

Can I travel more than one year?

Yes, you can. Traveling one year is great, but two years or more can be even better. First-year team members spend a lot of time “learning the ropes” and getting used to traveling, but second-year team members have the opportunity to grow even more in their walk with the Lord because they have already adjusted to road life.

Have more questions? Contact the Recruiting Department at or call 800-321-1538.