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Life Action events are designed to help your church passionately pursue Jesus.

One of a kind conferences designed for every age group in your church.

Life Action teams facilitate customized conferences in churches designed to invite individuals and entire families to say yes to God and live on mission with Him! Our teams have ministered in thousands of churches serving a variety of denominations. Our in-church events create contexts for people to passionately pursue and respond to God. Congregations who seek and respond to God together find fresh momentum, joy, and unity, and receive a renewed sense of mission, love, and vision.

What to Expect
When Hosting a Life Action Event

Each Life Action event is designed specifically to engage your entire church in personal spiritual renewal leading to fresh spiritual vitality igniting a passion for mission. Our approach centers on seeking God through His Word and prayer at the heart of our unique and dynamic worship services. We will make much of Jesus and allow His Word, which does not return void, to do the work God desires to do in your church. Spiritual momentum will flow out of this catalytic moment as your church walks in fresh obedience to Christ, rekindling the flame of their first love for Jesus.

Our teams bring seasoned speakers to deliver Bible-centered preaching, quality worship from college-aged musicians, energetic children’s programs, and student ministries teachers. Throughout the event, we’ll also provide spiritual health assessments for your congregation, opportunities for your staff leadership teams to focus on their personal vitality, and more. Our desire is to help your church experience revival and ongoing vitality, and move toward mission with Jesus.

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We’d love to chat with you about how to customize an event catered exactly to your needs. Schedule a call today or call 269-697-6190.

Christ-centered teaching with personal application in every session.

Full band worship sets and creative music.

Comprehensive children and youth ministries that parallel the adult learning track.

Free conference books and other resources to enrich the experience.

Extra content tracks to help boost generosity, hospitality, and family relationships.

Interactive women’s luncheons, prayer times, and staff enrichment meetings.

3,000+ Church Events over 50 Years

Upcoming Schedule

Life Action teams are excited to be serving and partnering with these churches.

SEP 15 - 18, 2024 Winfield, Kansas
SEP 22 - 25, 2024 Jamestown, Kentucky
SEP 22 - 25, 2024 Guymon, Oklahoma
SEP 29, 2024 - OCT 06, 2024 Sierra Vista, Arizona
SEP 29, 2024 - OCT 06, 2024 Edenton, North Carolina

 What Pastor’s Are Saying About Hosting a Life Action Event at Their Church


Is your event for the entire church?

Our team is equipped to facilitate the whole event. Free your volunteers and leaders to fully participate and enjoy their moments of spiritual renewal. Our life-in-action teachings are designed to help everyone say yes to God, from young children to senior adults. Our team sets aside time to encourage your leaders, address specific needs among your church staff, and help them cultivate unity and vision.

How much does it cost to host a church event?

There is no charge to participants for the conference, just an opportunity to give a love offering as God leads. (We only ask the church to cover a scheduling fee and to provide team meals, host homes for our team members, and a few incidentals.)

Will my church really participate?

We’ve conducted thousands of conferences in many types of communities, and we can say this with confidence: If your church leadership team is excited, your church family will be as well. By starting the conference on Sunday morning, the whole church sees the value of participation. Typically, we see 60–80% of Sunday morning attendees returning for evening sessions.

Have Questions?

We’d love to chat with you about how to customize an event catered exactly to your needs. Schedule a call today or call 269-697-6190.