Sponsor a Life Action Team

Your life: forever changed. Your whole heart: saying “yes” to God. Your church: not the same, in a good way. You witnessed the testimonies. You saw the fruit. You felt the excitement. It mattered in a big way. And the fire inside your heart is still burning.

If you’re this pumped, why not join the team yourself, as a sponsor?

Then your yes to God could be multiplying all over North America, and thousands of others could be experiencing a life-changing moment like you did!

As a team sponsor, you’ll receive special updates from your team and extra testimonials of how God is working. You might even be able to visit your team from time to time, or at least track their whereabouts and wish you were there.

Who exactly are team sponsors? They’re the ones fueling our rigs so the next teen can be invited to follow Jesus. They’re buying guitar strings so the next empty heart can have a real moment of worship before God. They’re stocking shelves so the next broken family can reconcile. They’re fixing buses so the next pastor can feel a surge of hope for the first time in years.

Sponsors are making this whole, crazy, amazing thing possible – mentoring young people, empowering families, coaching pastors and encouraging children. When you join them, you join US, putting your life into action for Christ!

From that point on, every one of our stories becomes one of your stories. YOU have a stake in the game, a slice of the pie, a part of the action.



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