Life Action

At Life Action we want to help you…

Experience Jesus

Find a space to connect with and say yes to God.

Experience Jesus

Find a space to connect with and say yes to God.

Our Mission

Inspiring your next yes to God.

Let’s Start with You

We create spaces where you can meet with God personally via studies, assessments, blogs, downloads, and more.

Let’s Inspire Your Family

Life Action Camp creates spaces where your whole family can pause from the rush, reconnect with each other, and prepare to engage in a yes to God life.

Let’s Inspire Your Church

Life Action Church Events are designed to spark revival in your church by creating spaces for people to really repent, really pray, really enjoy, and really take bold action for Christ.




“My father was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing…The sermon on forgiveness changed my heart. I realized that the person I was harboring a grudge against—was God. I’ve let that go, and I’m working on becoming closer to Him. Thank you, Life Action.”

“I know I put my children first, not God… God opened my eyes each night with a message that I felt like it was intended for me…Thank you, Life Action”

“Our marriage now is truly stronger than it’s ever been. We were ready to join the team the day they left.”

Life Action

Life Action

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