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Southwestern Seminary Conference Recap

This article was originally published by Alex Sibley, of Southwestern Seminary, on Oct. 26, 2018. “Lord, I need You. I need Your grace, Your forgiveness, Your love, and Your reviving power.” “Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, I want to say YES to You in every category of my life.” “Lord, help me […]

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Transformations: Allison

This month in Transformations, we want to introduce you to Allison.   Allison was worn out! Tired from having to carry the burden of unforgiveness and anger toward the person who hurt her husband in a life-changing accident. And weary from the pressure of showing she had “a perfect marriage” in front of her friends […]

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A Fresh Sweep of Revival at Southwestern Envisioned

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) — The president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary had just been dismissed. The seminary found itself embroiled in a bitter dispute. Harsh words were spoken. Relationships were broken. The year was 1995. The parallels to 2018 are striking. The larger controversy now is not the issue of biblical inerrancy, but the […]

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Transformations: Laurel

This month in Transformations, we want to introduce you to Laurel. Laurel felt unloved and unlovable because she felt dirty from some sins in her youth. This led to her not being able to love other people. Even after God had forgiven her, Laurel didn’t know how to accept God’s forgiveness, so the guilt of […]

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Your path to Obedience starts here.


Why is obedience important?

Believing that our heavenly Father knows how to set up the best life possible and gladly surrendering to Him enables us to do exactly what He asks, when He asks it of us, from a joyful heart and for His glory. It frees us from pursuing a small life, to pursuing God-sized vision and purpose.

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