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We’ve Made It Easy to Stay Connected!

Whether you’re looking for ministry updates or would like quality, challenging resources delivered to your inbox or doorstep, we’ve made it easy for you to stay connected. Below you will find a number of different ways to continue on your spiritual journey and stay up to date with how God is using Life Action and how you can partner with us.


Ministry Update Email

Enter your email address to receive the latest ministry updates, resources, team schedules, monthly prayer calendars, and challenging revival principles in this monthly email.

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Sign up to receive our quarterly print newsletter, packed with all that’s happening through the outreaches of Life Action Ministries. Plus, we’ll share how you can specifically pray for us and ways you can invest financially in the ministry.

Monthly Prayer Calendar

Each month we provide specific ways you can pray for Life Action. To automatically receive our monthly prayer calendar, sign up for our Ministry Update Email. Download the latest prayer calendar below.







30-Day Email Series

Awaken your heart and renew your love for Jesus through this challenging email series titled “Awaken My Heart.” Enter your email address below and begin your journey toward spiritual renewal.

Revive Magazine

Revive magazine is designed to help you grow in your understanding of revival and spiritual renewal. Each issue provides practical, biblical insight to your most pressing spiritual questions. Best of all, Revive helps you apply what you learn to your daily life. Revive is more than a magazine—it’s a partner on your spiritual journey. Start your free subscription today!

Daily Devotional

Looking to experience a revived spiritual life? If so, sign up to receive this print devotional mailed and delivered monthly to your front door. Each day, we’ll unpack a challenging revival principal from God’s Word to help you stay in step with Jesus. Don’t miss this exclusive resource! (3-month subscription)