After yesterday, there is a desperate need for Jesus followers to help others understand who Jesus ACTUALLY is, what it ACTUALLY means that He saves, and what the gospel ACTUALLY teaches and the actions it inspires.

I cannot stress enough how important this is for the American church. We have allowed our narrative to be taken from us.

If we do not quickly and clearly proclaim and demonstrably paint a drastically different picture than what the world saw yesterday—“Jesus Saves” signs as a backdrop to mob violence and confederate flags in the capital—we will damage the mission of Jesus to which we are called for at least a generation.

A good place to start would be to help show how a Christian worldview identifies our true problem and solution.

For instance, I hear people on TV saying, “We are better than this.” No, we’re not. We’re broken and desperately sinful.

Our problem is not fundamentally bad policies. It is bad people—like me! Sin has corrupted not just “those other people.” I am the problem. Repentance is MY only hope.

Forgiveness and grace alone change me—and change a nation. And authentic grace and forgiveness lead to love, healing, and humility, not hateful anger, destruction, and arrogance.

We don’t have much time. Start today.

Start with how you pray, how you post online, how you talk to family and friends, how you relate in grief and humility to those who do not believe as you do.

In other words, not to your “political opponent,” but to one whom Jesus, the same One who loves you, loved enough to die for.

This is how the seeds of revival can be planted today.