Are there things you really need to know to take the next step that you simply don’t know? One of the great secrets of a God-led life is to be a man or woman who is willing to give—and receive—godly counsel.

But where does this come from? How does it occur? When someone comes to you for counsel, what do you do? Or when you need counsel, to whom do you go?

The Nature of Godly Counsel

Some men in Moses’ day were wondering what they should do regarding the Passover. Wisely, they approached Moses; and, wisely, here was his response:

Moses therefore said to them, “Wait, and I will listen to what the Lord will command concerning you.” Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying … (Numbers 9:8-9 NASB).

Moses could have instantly given his best opinion. But, he knew his best counsel was bad counsel apart from the Lord. He believed that God is more interested in speaking to us and through us to others than we can imagine.

The first strategic step was for these men to go to a man who they knew was listening to the Lord. What a waste to get counsel from someone who has no God-connection! They may identify our problem, but there is no possibility for them to have a God-answer if they are disconnected from the One-Who-Knows.

Secondly, the counselor was wise to acknowledge his inability and to wait on the Lord. This illustrated humility and faith on Moses’ part.

Moses unapologetically said, “I will listen to what the LORD will command concerning you.” Moses had to get into a position to hear God.

In this pre-Bible day, this was a direct revelation. Now we have the completed Scriptures through which we hear the Lord and also the indwelling Spirit speaking to our hearts.

The Reality of God’s Voice

As a pastor, I have been in thousands of situations when someone has asked for counsel. If you know the Scripture, some of the answers are instantly obvious.

But there have been so many times I have had to go back to the Word or cry out to God in prayer and ask, “Lord, you know the answer. What do YOU want to say to this person?”

God is amazingly clear in His response to this prayer, because He is more interested in speaking than we are in hearing. Suddenly a Scripture verse or biblical thought will come to mind.

This really works, by the way! God wants to personally speak to others through us. He still speaks to those who are willing to hear!

Here is what happened to Moses: “Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying …” (v. 9). What an incredible sentence! Look at the progression:

  • They asked.
  • Moses humbly, in faith, acknowledged he was going to turn to God for the answer.
  • They waited.
  • Moses listened.
  • God spoke.
  • They received God-initiated counsel.

God’s pattern for this has never changed. This must be our pattern for listening and receiving God-initiated counsel.

The happy people who follow this pattern will receive what they desire from God. Then it is their choice whether to obey or ignore God’s counsel.

And the happy friend who wisely counsels has the joy of being an instrument in the hands of God-Who-Leads.