This month in Transformations, we want to introduce you to Allison.


Allison was worn out! Tired from having to carry the burden of unforgiveness and anger toward the person who hurt her husband in a life-changing accident. And weary from the pressure of showing she had “a perfect marriage” in front of her friends at church—drained by trying to keep it all together all the time.

But Allison learned at a Life Action event that she doesn’t have to have a perfect marriage. And the relief that brought made forgiveness easier for her. Now, Allison sees reasons to be thankful, because she sees how blessed she is.

Allison decided to say yes to God by just being real, which made forgiveness possible. Is there someone in your life God wants you to forgive?

Because of the faithful support of our partners, Life Action can continue to inspire the church’s next YES to God and experience real transformation.


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