Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Life Action Event

Scheduling a Life Action event in your church is a step of faith. Why take it?

1. Revival changes everything.

Our events can’t “bring revival” to your church—but we do help your congregation seek God for transformation, renewal, and fresh vision. At Life Action events, we often receive testimonies of broken families being restored, people taking steps toward holiness and forgiveness, churches re-igniting their passion to reach the lost, and more. We help churches set aside special moments on their calendar for this kind of focus. Perhaps yours could be next?

2. Meetings to seek God’s presence are biblical.

Throughout the Bible, whenever God’s people wandered out of His will and away from His Word, the prophets and apostles would boldly call them back to prayer, obedience, repentance, and life. They were instructed on numerous occasions to call the people together to refresh their relationship with God, outside of their regular pattern of work and worship. And, of course, in ancient times God’s people were instructed to set aside whole weeks for spiritual focus, celebration, and renewal. When was the last time your church had such a gathering?

3. You could use a break!

One of the most important benefits of a Life Action event is that we help you every step of the way. (In our larger, team events, we even cover music, service planning, children’s ministry, and youth meetings!) Planning and preparing are involved, of course, but we have a pre-event team that will guide you through everything you’ll need. Then, when the date arrives, you can relax a bit—reconnect with God, your family, and your sense of kingdom vision!

4. Its so crazy, it just might work.

The most consistent objection we hear from church leaders who consider multi-day events is, “Oh, our people won’t come out for all that.” And yet, for over 40 years, Life Action has led events in thousands of churches, most of which have been our 11–15-day Revival Summit format. Most churches see more than 70% of their Sunday morning attendees returning night after night for the music, preaching, and family programs we provide. In fact, this is part of the strategy. Encouraging families (and their churches) to push PAUSE on all the busyness of life is one reason our extended meetings are so effective.

5. It’s a great opportunity to share spiritual momentum with your congregation.

Have you ever been to an amazing conference or out on a mission trip, only to come back to “business as usual” in your church? It’s hard to retell the stories and recapture the moment to people who weren’t there! Life Action brings this kind of dynamic spiritual experience into your church, so all of your people can share in it right along with you. Many churches discover that these events (particularly the extended summit format) become a spiritual pivot point for the congregation, from which fresh vision, commitment, and momentum flow forward for years following. We aim not just to help your church to the “mountaintop” of a great experience with God, but really to help you get to the “launchpad” of all He has in mind for your future.

Pastors Describe the Impact of a Life Action Event: