The following questions can be used as the basis for some important conversations with your spouse. Discuss both of your responses to each question, and mark those you’d like to set aside for additional consideration and prayer in the months to come.




  1. What are some things we know God wants us to do next?
  2. How has our sense of purpose in life changed since we were married?
  3. Regarding our mission in life, are we mostly united, or mostly separated?
  4. What is our vision of the next decade? What do we hope for?
  5. How often should we discuss our purposes and goals together?




  1. What would we like our top four priorities to be, as a couple?
  2. Have our financial and calendar decisions matched up with our ideal prioritization?
  3. Aside from work and sleep, how do we spend our time together?
  4. How do we express our commitment to God on a regular basis?
  5. How do we express our commitment to each other on a regular basis?




  1. What are a few descriptive words we would like to be true of our relationship?
  2. To what extent are our physical and emotional needs being met?
  3. When do we feel the most in love, and why?
  4. What were some of the initial reasons we were attracted to each other?
  5. What could we do to better express passionate love to each other?




  1. How often would we like to go out on dates or spend special time together?
  2. What has been our pattern for Bible reading and prayer, personally and/or together?
  3. Is there anything about our work/life/schedule balance that either of us wishes to change?
  4. Do we have any negative habits that are hindering our relationship with each other or with God?
  5. Are we talking enough? Do we have strong communication?