As Life Action has held extended events in churches across the nation, we have seen God do a deep work in many marriages. We are grateful for those who have written to tell us how God changed or rescued their relationship as a married couple.


“For the last six months, my wife and I have been in conflict. By being disobedient, I got a home that is in shambles, my marriage falling apart, my children not respecting me, and my body falling apart. We have always had enough, or we used the plastic card, which has gotten us into a lot of trouble. To make it right, I knew things were going to have to change, and that we might not have enough money. Tuesday afternoon, God reminded me that He would take care of me. Wednesday I quit my job. Thursday I got another job. What is impossible with man is possible for God. I will sell every last thing I have if that’s what God wants. I just want to be obedient.”


“My husband and I were not at a good point coming into this revival conference. We didn’t like each other for a couple of weeks, and we were planning on hosting team members! The marriage portion of the Summit has been awesome for us. Instead of sitting and watching a movie on Saturday night like we normally do, we sat and talked and hashed things out for 2 1/2 hours last night. This week has restored and renewed our marriage. I want to stop the line of broken relationships in my family.”


“I was proud of my work with senior high boys, but things didn’t go the way I wanted, so I walked away. For four years I was at the end of a gravel road, wandering around without a compass, blaming the devil and others when it was me. I got on my knees and finally got victory. Last night was the first time I prayed with my wife in a very long time.”