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Live Streaming Schedule: Tuesday, October 23 (10am & 6:30pm CT), Wednesday, October 24 (10am & 6:30pm CT), Thursday, October 25 (10am & 6:30pm CT)

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Our mission is to inspire your next yes to God, and to help you lead your church into a culture of yes.

Our innovative, in-church conferences are designed to help you make disciples, enrich the core of your church, spark fresh momentum for outreach among God’s people, and refocus everyone’s attention on who matters most: Jesus Christ. We aim to help churches set aside time for these kinds of transformational, defining moments. Our teams are equipped to deliver Bible-centered preaching, high-quality worship, energetic children and student ministries, spiritual health assessments, and more. All of this is intended to be a catalytic event that allows people to encounter God and His Word in a fresh way.

Yes, contact me about your church events!