“My joy is up, my energy is up, and my head is up,” reported a student from Houston Baptist University, where a Life Action team led a renewal event in October. The young man continued, “I came to this week with a lot of chaos in my life. I knew I needed a change, and I had no peace. Life Action helped me discover how I could better live for God.”

Student after student offered testimonies of commitment, forgiveness, freedom, new perspectives, new joy—some even decided to follow Jesus for the first time. One student leader wrote, “We are so incredibly grateful. As student leaders, we have the chance to follow up with students who fill out the decision QR code. We’ve had so many responses!”

Imagine What Could Happen

The Life Action teams hear stories like these all the time, in churches and schools that are willing to set aside time to seek God—and we hear of God’s powerful work in the lives of all kinds of people, at all stages of life.

But imagine this: What if young people everywhere started standing up to declare their allegiance to Jesus? In colleges, seminaries, and high schools? What if young people across North America were sold out, on fire, and all in for Christ?

That dream is leading us to re-evaluate everything we do; and while we want to keep inspiring everyone, both young and old, we all know how important it is for the next generation to say yes to God. We want to make sure young people are catching the vision.

Yes to vibrant, healthy relationships.
Yes to purpose and mission in life.
Yes to the values of marriage, family, and purity.
Yes to the Bible, in all its wisdom.
Yes to freedom, justice, and mercy.

As the Life Action message goes out, we’re praying for many young hearts to make early commitments to love and serve God. This is one of the reasons our teams bring along a full complement of youth ministry workers when we invest in local churches—why we seek chapel and focus-week opportunities at colleges (like what we just experienced at Houston Baptist University and Howard Payne University). We want young people to catch the vision and live it for decades to come.

It’s a true cliché that young people are the future. But investing in them isn’t just about impacting tomorrow; it is about the formation of culture and the rescue of souls today.

Most Bible scholars suppose that Jesus’ disciples were teenagers, and that our Savior Himself believed in a next-generation focus. He invested the lion’s share of His time on earth not convincing learned Pharisees or courting favor with the top-level executives of first-century Palestine, but walking the village roads with a misfit group of young adults who were still figuring out their lives.

Jesus made the next generation His priority because He saw the bigger picture. Are we willing to follow Him?

Put your life into action, and let’s reach these future leaders together. Your gift today will help get our Life Action teams on more campuses with the message of revival.