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Giving Cash Is Not Your Only Option


Perhaps the most overlooked opportunity for charitable giving is Gifts of Assets. Most people focus on doing their giving “from their checkbook”, which is fine but often limits the impact we can make and doesn’t offer the powerful tax benefits available when giving out of our assets.

The average American has about 9% of their net worth in cash and 91% in assets. For most of us, these assets can be found in our home equity, life insurance or our IRAs. For other families, this might also include a family business, rental properties, land, rare artwork and so on.

Considering a gift using assets can typically reduce or eliminate Long Term Capital Gains Tax while also providing a current tax deduction. Additionally, gifting some non-income-generating assets to a charitable trust can increase your retirement income and provide a significant future gift to charity. To get started contact Jerrod McFarland +12696972042 at or