What does it mean to follow Christ? It means:

  • Acknowledging that He is both Savior and Lord
  • Rejecting every counterfeit way of salvation
  • Trusting His will in every situation
  • Acting on His Word in trust and obedience
  • Waiting in hope for His return

Though we may be tempted to treat our Christian faith like visiting a cafeteria—where we can believe what we want and leave the rest—it is more like joining a family. We have been adopted. God is our Father, and Christ is our brother.

This is a family like no other. Love never fades. The family circle constantly grows as siblings are added each day from every part of the earth.

The Father doesn’t come and go; He always stays. He is always present. He is the center of the family.

In our flesh we probably prefer cafeteria-style faith; we like having choices. But as we come to know our Father more and more, we are convinced that family-style faith is better. The hard commands, impossible assignments, and exhausting seasons draw us closer to God because we learn to depend on Him.

Saying yes to God means trusting Him, recognizing that He sees what we can’t and knows what we don’t. God is the ultimately dependable and perfect Father.

“. . . your heavenly Father is perfect.”
(Matthew 5:48 ESV)