Designed to help you grow in your understanding of revival and spiritual renewal, each issue provides practical, biblical insight to your most pressing spiritual questions.

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Yes Changes Everything

Winter 2020

Where will your next YES to God lead? To freedom from a secret habit? To a mountaintop on the other side of the world? To revived, abundant life like you’ve never experienced it before?  This issue of Revive magazine titles, “Yes Changes Everything” will encourage and excite you about the potential God has loaded into your life – and what a difference it could make – if you simply say yes.

The Power of a Life Message

Spring 2019

The most powerful message you’ll ever share is the one that comes out of your life, not out of your study. As we grapple with breaches of trust, and the public downfall of various Christian leaders, how should we respond? And how can we ensure that we aren’t next on that list? This issue of Revive will challenge you at the deepest level—not to be a leader worth hearing, but to be a leader worth following. 

Your Faith Frontier

Fall 2018

When you received Christ Jesus as your Savior and Lord, that was not the last time you needed to place your faith in Him. There are many things He has planned for you through the rest of your time on this earth. On the basis of all that Jesus has done for you, will you say yes to Him? Will you boldly set out on the adventure of following God’s lead? This issue of Revive magazine will inspire you with examples of believers who have said yes to God’s invitation to move just beyond the edge of settled territory and onto the faith frontier.

A Single Focus

Spring 2018

It’s time to elevate a biblical vision of singleness. Let’s recognize, honor, and celebrate the unique position and effectiveness of singles at every level of church and missionary endeavors.

Marriage: Becoming One

Fall 2017

Even though the institution of marriage is present in every culture across the world, it is clear that most of humanity does not know or apply the fullness of God’s wisdom to marriage—they miss the mystery, and all the joy it unlocks! In this issue, we address some of the joys and hard places of pursuing marriage as God intended.

Clear Conscience

Spring 2017

Jesus takes personally what we do or say to other people. When God’s people are reconciled to each other, they make the gospel believable.


Winter 2016

As we submit to the authority of the Word of God, the lordship of Jesus Christ, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we are the glad beneficiaries of God’s blessing and guidance. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice . . . and they follow me” (John 10:27).

Love One More

Summer 2016

As one of the two most important commandments in all of Scripture and a direct evidence of being made alive in Christ (1 John 3:10), it’s important to ask ourselves this simple question often: Am I loving others well?

The Jesus Revolution

Fall 2015

What does revival look like? What can we expect to see when God changes a life or makes His manifest presence felt in a congregation? This issue includes first-hand telling of what radical obedience and dramatic life change looked like during the Jesus Revolution and how we can apply it to our lives.

The Tyrant Pride

Summer 2015

There is only one path to greatness in the sight of God: humility. When Jesus taught that the “first will be last,” what did He really mean? How can I walk humbly with God while still striving to serve Him boldly? And what if pride is silently compromising my work for His kingdom?

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Five Ways to Father Like God

Spring 2015

This issue of Revive explores fresh vision for Christian fatherhood based on the best example of all—God Himself. Enjoy thought-provoking questions, challenges, and encouraging stories by dads about their struggles, victories, and hopes. Then, take home some practical wisdom to increase the earthly and eternal success of your fathering.

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Reframing Christian Unity

Fall 2014

Do unity movements really add value to God’s kingdom? Is there any reason churches should pay attention to what other denominations are doing? Do we as believers have any personal responsibility to pursue “unity,” or is that the responsibility of pastors and leaders? In this issue of Revive, we take aim at widely held assumptions, and call for a reset in understanding, and then a renewal of love for each other.

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The Love of Jesus

Summer 2014

A primary characteristic of God is love. But how about you? This issue of Revive explores the kind of love God has for us, and how His love in us should spill forth to a world in desperate need.

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The Four-Question Challenge

Fall 2013

Life Action is challenging church leaders to ask four questions about their church’s preparedness for revival. In this issue of Revive, we dive into the biblical and practical basis for how the questions can be asked and answered in any context, from an Ivy League institution to a remote village on a dusty Indian mountainside. Explore with us, and learn why these questions aren’t just for your church—they are for YOU.

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The Great Commission

Spring 2013

The reason God has left us on earth today is simple: to complete His Great Commission. This issue of Revive explores the call of God on each of our lives to spread His message and share His love. But with a task as big as sharing Christ with everyone everywhere, where do we begin? In the midst of such darkness, how can we really shine the light? Enter here!

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Winter 2013

We seek the things we value most. Some people seek pleasure. Others seek profit. Some seek notoriety, their own “15 minutes of fame.” But true worship is setting a priority on seeking God. This kind of worship is the only reasonable response to our awesome God (Romans 12:1), and it’s a biblical prerequisite for revival and spiritual restoration (2 Chronicles 7:14). This issue of Revive will call you into a lifestyle of worship—a life that says, “God is worth more to me than anything else.”

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Whose Move?

Winter 2012

Helping us understand the tension between and the mystery of God’s part and our part in revival.

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Speak Up

Summer 2012

Becoming a voice for spiritual awakening and revival.

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Spring 2012

Repentance is a serious word. God commands it. Our sinful condition requires it. And Jesus makes it possible. In this issue of Revive, repentance is explored practically and personally. In the process, we hope you will discover that repentance is God’s wonderful provision for broken people to find a way back to God’s heart.

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Fall 2011

What qualifies us for leadership and the influence of others in God’s sight? Find out more in this issue of Revive.

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Draw Near

Summer 2011

God has given us a remarkable invitation: Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you (see James 4:8). That means personal revival is possible right now! This issue of Revive outlines the timeless pathways that lead to revival, and shows you how to experience something more from God. Learn how to pursue God for transformation in your life, church, and community.

Revive Magazine

Living Generously

Spring 2011

A challenge to live generously with the resources God has given us in order to be a blessing to others.

Revive Magazine


Winter 2011

If you’ve ever wondered if there is freedom from addictions, if change is really possible, you are not alone. Find encouragement and hope in this issue of Revive.

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First Love

Winter 2010

How to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Fall 2010

Too many Christians have grown so content with the ordinary that they don’t even bother asking God for anything more. This issue of Revive invites you to imagine what would change if revival actually came. In revival, priorities get rearranged, relationships are reconciled, people take precedence over job pursuits and recreational escapes, and Christians everywhere become conscious of what it means to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness above everything else (Matthew 6:33). Ignite your passion to seek God for revival movements everywhere!

Revive Magazine

Can You Hear Me?

Summer 2010

Everyone agrees—prayer is the most important thing we can and must do. Everyone agrees—prayer is the key to revival, renewal, and restoration. Everyone agrees—so why don’t we pray? “There have been revivals without much preaching, but there has never been a revival without much praying.” This issue of Revive explores the power of prayer and, more importantly, how to begin.

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Don’t Stand Alone

Spring 2010

Exploring the importance of community in the life of the believer—how to give and receive encouragement.

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Bible Boredom

Fall 2009

Practical ways to rekindle your passion for the Scriptures.

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Swarmed by Fears?

Summer 2009

Overcoming anxiety and finding peace in a world of worry.