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Be Unexplainable

“When are you going to get a real job?" "What about all the money you spent on an education?" "Why would you waste your business degree by becoming a missionary?" "You’re married now, and planning a family; how are you going to take care of them?" "Seriously, no...

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My Royal Supply Bag

Approaching Veterans’ Day, a question popped up from the past on my Facebook: “Would you be willing to fight and/or die to protect those you love?” Most, including myself, would quickly say, “Yes!” But here is the more difficult question: “Would you be willing to...

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When You Wonder What Your Life Is For

I talked to the lady at the hotel who puts out our breakfast. “What do you do?” she asks. We must look like a sight, scrounging around for donuts and eggs and coffee with all our ragamuffin kids. “We travel for work,” I say. But, I can tell she’s still curious, so I...

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Saying Yes to Truth

Lies. We believe them, we repeat them, and we tell them. Have you ever wondered why we give ourselves over to something we know to be both harmful and wrong? We tolerate being lied to, and we actually like to tell the occasional untruth ourselves. Why? Could it be...

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One Year Later

It was a year ago that my husband, John, and I stood on the stage of a megachurch in front of thousands of people and said our goodbyes as their senior pastor and his wife. It was a bittersweet day for me. Bitter because I truly loved being a senior pastor’s wife;...

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Honesty: The Best Choice!

Ananias and Sapphira will forever be remembered as deceivers. Their story is told in Acts 5. Here are the lowlights: The church was young and vibrant. Believers understood their need for one another and interacted with great transparency, love, and generosity. Ananias...

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