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Spiritual Life

Saying Yes to God’s No

What if God wants to keep you weak? What if that struggle you’ve been having for years continues on for several more—because God wants it to? God is not unkind. He is never unloving. He has not forgotten you. So if your struggle goes on and on, even though you’ve...

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Big Lessons from Small Flowers

Well, I hope someone reads this. I probably wouldn’t. To be honest, the title would normally not interest me.

You see, I really care nothing at all about flowers. I’m not sure I’d know a daffodil from a dandelion! And I’m pretty sure I’ve never learned anything significant in my life from flowers.

Well, I guess that’s not exactly true. I’ve learned that I’m in big trouble if I don’t give them to my wife on our anniversary! But other than that—not a lot of life lessons for me from flowers.

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Human Potential

We hear a lot about human potential, and it is true that people can accomplish a great deal when they put their mind to it. The objects we will use this very day—from cars to computers—and the various technologies that drive them—from internal combustion to electronic...

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Say Yes to God Through Christ

The sanctity (sacredness) of marriage reaches far beyond the promises a man and woman pledge to each other on their wedding day. It is more than the blessed intimacy they enjoy behind closed doors. And it is greater than the commitment one will show the other when age...

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Time to Risk

Diving with sharks. Diving with sharks with my fourteen-year-old son. Diving in cenotes (freshwater caverns in Mexico). Trips to countries where people are murdered for their faith. Some say I am an adrenaline junkie, an adventurer, or a risk taker. My wife usually...

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A Woman Who Says Yes to God

My four-year-old granddaughter, Addy, was intently playing in her room. She heard her daddy calling her from downstairs, “Addy, come downstairs. We need to go.” Addy was in her own little world of imagination, interacting with her dolls. She didn’t want to be...

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Space Was Not My Final Frontier

“Three, two, one ...” For so many of life’s great events, this countdown of anticipation stirs imagination! For me, it also represented the ultimate achievement after years of education, preparation, and envisioning my future. Hearing this countdown from the flight...

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Waiting or Disobeying?

What we call “waiting on God” should sometimes be more honestly called “delaying obedience.” When God speaks, we should be ready to act—and ready to fully act. But His call is not always convenient, is it? There may be something we want to take care of first, or we...

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