Resoul Experiential Trainings

Move from Strain to Strength with Soul-Focused Leadership

Christian Leaders are Under-Equipped and Over-Burdened

Are you feeling burned out in your professional life? Do you consider leaving your role due to high stress and emotional strain? Is work-related stress seeping into other areas of your life? You’re not alone. But you don’t have to stay there. At Life Action, we believe it’s possible to cultivate well-being and joy in both personal and professional realms. That’s why we created Resoul – a soul-focused training to increase resilience and vitality for ministry, missionary, and marketplace leaders.

What is Resoul?

Resoul is an experiential learning encounter designed to teach Christian leaders how to steward their own souls, connecting deeply with Jesus in five key dimensions. Throughout the workshop, leaders will learn how to assess, plan, and lead utilizing the five dimensions of the soul: physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and relational. Participants will walk away with a plan to thrive in all five dimensions and connected to a community of like-minded leaders and care providers for follow-up support.

Resoul is . . .

  • Experiential – you’ll learn by doing 
  • Interactive – you’ll engage with each other and the instructors to deepen your knowledge paths
  • Holistic – you’ll learn how to thrive in all five dimensions of your soul 
  • Refreshing – you’ll leave feeling energized from the intentional white space built into the course

How Resoul Helps

Designed to help trauma-proofing

Provides a protective and preventative remediation for burnout

Identifies a pathway for increased well-being and vitality

Offers inclusion into a relational community for follow-up care and training

Sample Schedule

Schedule – Day 1
Worship, Introductions, & Soul GPS
Vector Checks
Spiritual Dimension, Solitude, Debrief
Schedule – Day 2

Worship & Devotion


Emotional Dimension


Physical Dimension


Activity Time & Debrief

Schedule – Day 3

Worship & Devotion


Cognitive Dimension


Relational Dimension


How to Plan for Thriving & Clinic

Schedule – Day 4

Worship & Devotion


How to Lead for Thriving





What Participants Are Saying About Resoul

This course was a wonderful breath of fresh air! The content was engaging, transformative, and yet so simple and practical! I walked away from the week renewed, encouraged, refreshed, and armed with the tools I need to care for my own soul and to help those I lead and minister to care for their souls.”

“The Resoul Course was insightful, moving, and engaging. I appreciate the new friendships that developed out of this time and the practical steps I can begin taking for my ongoing development.”

“The ReSoul training was practical, simple, yet deeply profound in helping me to continue seeing Jesus in every area of life (and work). Such a beautiful reminder that it’s worth it to press in towards healthy rhythms in all areas of life for the sake of Jesus being known and experienced personally as well as by others through me.”

“I’ve taken a lot of leadership courses. Resoul was far and away the best leadership development course I’ve ever experienced. The genius of the training is  it’s practical yet profound simplicity. I would normally leave a multi-day training feeling drained and overwhelmed with information. The opposite was true with Resoul. I left feeling energized and equipped to thrive in all five dimensions of my soul – and connected to a community for  continued support.”

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