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Starting Sunday, April 3, all three of our local teams are taking over an entire city for four weeks. Reno, Nevada, most notably known for its casinos and divorces, seems to be the most unlikely place for revival to happen, but it can happen. God has been moving in mighty ways out West, especially in Reno. Churches all across the city have crossed denomination and ethnic borders to worship the One True God.

Teams will be hosting 4-day THIRST Conferences at each of the churches for three weeks, ultimately impacting nine churches in Reno. For the final week of April, all of the churches and community will be gathering together to worship and hear teaching.

Please be praying for the churches involved and consider joining us in seeking God to revive Reno, Nevada.

Join us at OneCryRENO.

April 24-26
3 NIGHTS at Lawlor events center 
Begins at 6:30pm


(check back for updates)

Reno – Week #3

This is a report from one of our local church teams who completed their last THIRST conference last week. This THIRST conference began with the staff sharing their desire to pour into us as we poured into their church family. Their prayer was clearly answered...

Reno – Week #2

The Spirit of the Lord is moving out in Reno in numerous ways. The teams ministered this past week at New Life Christian Church, Palabra de Vida, and Rehoboth Holy Temple. With week two coming to a close, we wanted to share with you two reports from churches in Reno,...

Life Change in Reno

As we shared last week, God is really moving in Reno. Our teams have just ended their second week there with two more to go! We are grateful to share a few testimonies we received from one of our local church teams of the work of the Holy Spirit in hearts and lives. I...

Reno – Week #1

One week has already passed as our teams have been diligently serving in Reno. Three out of nine local churches in Reno have experienced THIRST conferences and God is already moving. The teams ministered this past week at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Valley View...

We’ve never prayed this much for a city.

Last night after we completed set up, I had the team go out on the deck that overlooked the city of Reno. This is what we saw. We then prayed for the city. I don’t think we’ve ever prayed as much for a single city to be revived as much as this one. Join us in praying...

How did this begin?

In 2013, OneCry was privileged to come alongside Brent Brooks and host a prayer gathering in the town of Reno, Nevada. Three years later, during April 2016, all three of the Life Action teams will be traveling from church to church within...