We receive thousands of testimonies each year from our local church events, each representing someone, somewhere, offering a fresh yes to God. Here are a few samples:


Thank you all so much for being here this week! At school I always really struggled with falling into gossip and saying hurtful things about others. I have always wanted to break this terrible habit, but I haven’t put it into action. When you guys came, I felt like God had put this enormous weight on my heart to pray about this. Then on Tuesday night, the youth speaker talked about sin and how it rips us apart. This made me realize just how serious my sin is. I kept praying and praying. Today at school was my first step—I didn’t respond to any gossip.


I admitted to my husband of nine years some lies I told him when we first got together, and I asked for his forgiveness. I AM FREE! Now, I am saying yes to God by meeting with Him every day in His Word. Having communion time with Him. I am saying yes to God by spending more time in prayer.


I was ready to quit. I come to church, Bible study, and worship wearing a mask. I don’t want to be here because I feel like a fake. An imposter. Like everything is okay. It is not. My husband is an addict, with alcohol his current drug of choice. He isn’t mean or abusive, it’s just not the life we portray to the outside world. I’m tired of hiding. So if I quit, I don’t have to hide anymore. I’m tired and don’t want to continue, but I will. Thank you for sharing your heart for Jesus!


I am an elder in a church, a Bible teacher, a home group facilitator, all while finishing seminary. Because of fear, anxiety, and pride (afraid of what God would call me to do), I slipped out of the saddle and drifted into complacency, frustration, and bitterness. I’ve been saying no to God for years, but the Spirit has challenged me this week, and I have put Him back on the throne of my heart. I’m committing every yes to Him. I am changed. Thank you!


You have reminded me that my calling as a missionary is saying yes to God. It doesn’t mean having to say “wait” to God until my finances are stable or I have things all figured out. Saying yes is letting go of my pride and doing what God called me to. I am a missionary saying yes to God calling me to go. Whether that is serving with Life Action or another team, I’m ready.


I began this week self-reliant, skeptical, and even saying, in my most fleshly self, “Boy, I’m glad my church has me! What would they do without me?” I don’t think I’d ever say that out loud, but I certainly lived by it. God said to me, “Look at Samson. You REALLY think his HAIR gave him strength? No; I did. I don’t need you, but I WANT you! I want you to trust Me. Give Me your time, talents, and abilities. I can do SO MUCH more with you than you can. You’re proud in yourself. Humble yourself. Trust ME.” Wow. My pride has eaten my lunch! God is now breaking me, rebuilding me, and giving me clarity, guidance, and rest. Thanks for praying!


Thank you so much for letting the Lord lead you and use you. Earlier this week, God found me prideful, lacking trust and obedience, and anxious. God told me that I needed to repent from the pride and disbelief in my life. He told me that I needed to say yes to trusting Him and knowing that He was and is always going to be there for me. You all have invigorated and refreshed my desire and love for Jesus.


As a pastor’s wife, it was often easy to put the ministry ahead of the needs of our children. I feel that they were sometimes forced to “compete” with Jesus for our time and love. The Lord has impressed me to ask their forgiveness and tell them how much I love and cherish them.


I grew up in a church that taught that Christians have to always be good, and if they aren’t, then they aren’t Christian. I still struggle with that. The light bulb went on when the revivalist said we need to get close to God instead of just “being good.” I also was convicted to say yes to God before I know what He wants me to do. It doesn’t matter what it is. I just need to obey.


During the Summit, I was able to say yes to God about doing something I was deathly scared to do: prison ministry! In fact, I’ll be leading a four-day weekend in one year. “God doesn’t call the brave; He calls those He will make brave.”