Promotional Resources for Life Action Church Events

We’re excited that your church has partnered with Life Action. We’re praying with you that God does amazing things as you seek the Lord together. The downloadable promotional package below is a simple plan to help build awareness and encourage your congregation to participate. We encourage you to download this, and follow the four-week promotional plan.


Step 1: Download 4-Week Promotional Package

The promotional guide includes videos, social graphics, posters, bulletin inserts, promotional copy, and more.

Step 2: Download Promotional Videos

Preview and download the videos you would like to use for your pre-event promotion.

Video 1: Who is Life Action?

This video is intended to be used three weeks prior to the Life Action event. This video explains what a Life Action event is all about and encourages your congregation to participate.

Video 2: Our Story

This video is intended to be used two weeks prior to the Life Action event. It’s the story of a family that was dramatically impacted at a Life Action event.

Video 3: We Believe

This video is intended to be used one week prior to the Life Action event. It will help your congregation understand the passion and mission of those who serve with Life Action.

Hosting Life Action Team Members

This video shares the experience of a family who hosted Life Action team members. It’s a great way to encourage people in your church to become host families during Life Action church event.

Step 3: Download Ladies Luncheon Resources

This link has sign up sheets, announcement slides, posters and more.

Step 4: Life Action Assets

Assets, Style Guide, website headers and more.