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Discovered (by Anna Canfield)


From the world of Base Camp Adventures, Tales from Adhara: Discovered. A young girl discovers a mysterious journal which holds a long forgotten history. Join her as she learns about the land of Adhara, a young boy named Kaden who lived there, a sinister plot to kidnap the Prime Minister’s daughter, and the unforgettable adventure that followed! Adhara is the world of Sin the Camel, Marcus’ Journey, and the Good Prince come to life! Learn it’s secrets, unravel the mystery, and discover what it all has to do with Mountain Man Jack and his base-campers in this new novel series:Tales from Adhara!

Tales from Adhara: Discovered is the first in a series of soft cover adventure novels that takes place in the world of Base Camp. Kids of all ages will be gripped by the tales and challenged in their spiritual journey.

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