In moments when I am the most honest with myself, I have to face the fact that I let anxiety take too much away from my life. It wields a power over me that often cannot be recognized with clarity while it’s happening. But somewhere along the way, I stopped to realize what was being taken away from me by allowing it in the first place.

If “fear is a liar,” then anxiety is a robber. It steals in abundance from the unsuspecting.

When I was younger, I once opened the door of my home to a thief. In hindsight, I clearly see where I went wrong. Said thief was posing as a salesman. (Don’t worry, no one was harmed in the unfolding of this crime.) I was in a hurry, and I failed to ask who he was representing. He was offering something I didn’t want. I was trying to be nice. Before long, he had my money, and I never received the product I thought I purchased.

Anxiety is a thief. It takes intangible items of high value away from you …





God has his richest blessings in mind for us when he tells us to be anxious for nothing. When he says nothing, he means just that. No thing. Not one thing. Not even this, whatever your “this” is.

Sometimes, my head and my heart don’t align. I can know in my head that something is true, but my heart’s emotions have a hard time keeping pace.

I know God doesn’t want me to be anxious, but the reality is I can be. The proof is in the sleepless nights, the “what if…” thoughts that play on repeat in my head, and responses that lack grace toward those I love.

We like to be in control.

We like to know what’s coming.

It’s been said, “We’ve made an idol of predictability.”

An idol?! Yes, we have.

We can’t possibly know our future, but we can absolutely know the One who holds it. He is sure, and my trust in Him makes me secure.

Sure and secure.

Peace and rest.

Joy and calm.

Trust is the highway to it all.

Fear is a liar.

Worry is a snare.

Anxiety is a robber.

It offers what you don’t want.

It doesn’t represent God well or consider what He has in mind for your life.

You’d never knowingly open your home to a thief. Don’t open the home of your heart to anxiety. It can sneak in disguised as fear and linger in your mind as worry. Ultimately, it takes you captive. Your anxiety is not your friend. Don’t be nice to your robber.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7).

Living in Revival, Vitality, and Mission

  • What are you anxious about? Share this with Jesus. He loves to listen to you.
  • Memorize 1 Peter 5:7. When you begin to experience anxiety, say it out loud. Choose to cast your anxiety on Him!
  • Do you know someone who is struggling with anxiety? Share 1 Peter 5:7 with them.