This week, as the Life Action White Team was privileged to serve the body of Christ at First Baptist Cumming, Georgia. God chose to encourage His people in multiple ways—by the number in attendance, the joy flowing from His Spirit, and the genuine plea for revival being echoed throughout the week.

We praise God for allowing the staff members of this church to feel refreshed and renewed by the preaching of the Word. Excitedly, a staff member proclaimed, “I need to remember to tell my wife to save me a seat. I rarely get the chance to sit with her.”

Smiling from ear to ear, another shared that she didn’t know how to feel, because she was able to sit through the service while the Life Action Children’s Ministers taught the young ones.

“It’s been about seven years since I didn’t have the responsibility to be with the children in some capacity,” another said. The staff and volunteers at FBC are servants who care deeply about the gospel of Jesus Christ, the church, and the lost.

God’s people there are serious about seeking revival. An indicator of this was the steady attendance throughout the week. Typically, we see attendance drop dramatically from Sunday to Monday, but empty seats were still scarce even on the second day.

We had been told that other activities, such as sports practices and school work, hold a high priority for these families. Seeing that parents made a priority of coming together to cry out to God for revival for themselves and this nation was so encouraging, not only to the team but to the church body.

“I don’t know what your team is doing, but you’re doing something right, because my child begged to come back. He can’t get enough of it!” As a Children’s Minister, my heart sang. Jesus is showing Himself! Praise God for that little boy being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and seeking to learn more about Jesus.

The last night of this conference, it was evident that God had moved in the congregation. During the pastor’s final words, you could see a desire for more on each face … a hunger to answer the question, “What’s next?” … a look expecting guidance and direction from their pastor and, ultimately, from God.

This yearning is an answer to prayer. It’s the reason we are called to ministry. And we are eternally grateful for those of you who stand with us and behind us, faithfully upholding us in prayer.