On this day in history, Thomas, disciple of Jesus, saw the risen Savior. He was “Doubting Thomas” before that day, but never again after.

It is interesting that this event happened in a time of fearful self-quarantine for the followers of Jesus. Since Jesus was crucified, they had been spending much of their time locked away in a room out of fear that they would be the next ones on the cross.

And that’s where they were, as recorded in John 20, when Jesus appeared to them and took away Thomas’s doubt.

Don’t you need a day like that? Haven’t you felt the weight of doubt, fear, and anxiety over the unknown future? Well, good news—this is No-Doubt Thomas Day!

I think this should become a regular day on the calendar of the church. Because all of us, especially in times like these, need to meet Jesus right where we are, even in a lonely room, and let Him replace our doubts with faith and boldness.

Thomas did not stay locked up in that room. After his doubt was replaced with the power of the Spirit of God, he served the rest of his life as a bold missionary; and history tells us he laid his life down for Jesus in India forty years later.

I do not believe that the church is meant to stay hidden in our homes much longer. We are to be a city on a hill!

But what happens in our lonely rooms now is vital to what happens in revival soon.

Cry out to God where you are. Don’t be afraid to tell Him your doubts and anxieties. Not only is He big enough to handle it, but He will meet you there and show you Himself in real ways that will empower you for the days ahead.

I love the book of 1 Thessalonians, which I have been studying for months. It’s a revival book!

Paul wrote this letter from his own lonely room in Corinth, where he was left by himself. But he wrote with great joy, because the church he helped to start was changing their city and beyond in just a matter of months. You can read about it in chapter 1.

In verses 7 and 8, Paul noted that they had become examples to all believers. Because of that, the gospel was sounding forth through all of Greece.

But what does that have to do with Thomas? In John 20:25, Thomas told everyone he would not believe that Jesus had risen unless he felt the nail prints in His hands.

Are you ready for this? The same word in the original language used for EXAMPLE in 1 Thessalonians 1 is used in John 20 as NAIL PRINT!

The most important question for us to ask in these days is not, “When will all this end?” It is, “What will we do when it does?”

And the answer is that we have the chance to be the nail prints of Jesus—living proof that He is alive, living testimonies to His resurrection—living lives whose very purpose is His mission.

That is what you can be preparing for while you are alone in your house today. When depression and anxiety come, remember that. These are the most important days of your life. Very soon, we will leave our homes. And if we are ready, we will leave as missionaries.

So rejoice, church! Take heart—it’s No-Doubt Thomas day!