On February 20, 2023, our Silver Team began a conference at Oklahoma Baptist University. The timing of this seems obviously providential to me. Nothing could have caused me more joy than to see God move powerfully in revival, almost from the moment we arrived.

I think the tipping point came at the end of the first service, when a young man honestly shared that he had been struggling with homosexuality for years, and how lonely he had been in his struggle. At one point he said, “I am taking off my mask!”

God moved powerfully in many unique ways—confession, testimony, prayer, forgiveness, and worship that extended for hours. Dozens of students came to pray out loud over him and stand with him in his struggle. It was astonishing, and one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen in ministry. Another student said, “I will never, ever be the same!”

From that point forward, no one wanted to leave. Services continued, even after midnight. Students missed classes, with the permission of the president. We saw deep confession of sin, forgiveness, testimonies, and phenomenal worship. Our worship leaders lost their voices, and others had to step in to help!

The altar was full when students and faculty came forward to be commissioned to take Jesus to their campus and their world, no matter the cost.

We are now seeing this take place right before our eyes. Can you imagine anything we need more in this nation than a sweeping movement of God among this young generation that has distanced itself from the church, more than any generation in history, and is facing moral and cultural collapse all around them?

Even after our Life Action team left OBU Thursday morning, the students continued on their own and were still meeting long after 2:00 AM. Revival is not dependent on any of us but on God’s Spirit! He is all they need for continuing revival.

This reminds me of what happened in the Jesus Movement of the ’70s, which led to my salvation and that of thousands or millions of others. It also reminds me of the collegiate revivals of 1995 and ’96 that began at Howard Payne University, and in the church in Texas where I was pastor. God used these movements to shape the lives of so many people, and He is still changing the world through them today.

My biggest concern about what is happening now is that it does not stay in the buildings. We don’t just need revival. We need reformation in the American church! So would you also pray that wherever God begins to move, those involved would then take their revived lives on mission with Jesus and join Him in the reformation of His very sick church in this nation?

In the book Longing for Revival, the following definition of revival has been helpful to me: “Revival is a season of breakthroughs in Word, deed and power, resulting in a new normal in kingdom, experience and effectiveness.”

Now is the time to join Jesus in what He is doing. Don’t just pray this for university students. Pray that this will spread to churches all across America.

Don’t you need this in your own life right now? Doesn’t your church need this? This could be a moment in history when Jesus is standing at the door and knocking (Revelation 3:20). Let me ask you boldly, will you open the door? Or are you content with your current place status quo?

If we answer the door, Jesus will do a house cleaning. In fact, He’ll do a complete renovation. I think we know that. And, to be candid, I am uncertain whether most of the American church wants it. We may soon find out. God is moving across the world in great awakening. Do you want to join Him in this movement?

What a privilege it is to partner with you during these days.

John Avant, President
Life Action Ministries