Life Action’s MidWest Tour

Contact our scheduling team for open tour dates.

Discipleship-focused. Renewal-oriented.

Gatherings for your entire church.

Life Action team is scheduled to be touring the midwest of the United States, and we want to invite you, our friends, to consider hosting a Life Action event at your church.

Life Action church events are extended, discipleship-focused, renewal-oriented gatherings designed to articulate biblical principles of relationship with God, facilitating renewed passion for Jesus, humble repentance, relational health, and Spirit-filled living.

As a ministry, we believe that the church was promised from the beginning “times of refreshing … from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19-20). Ongoing seasons of renewal are one of the great gifts that have been poured out on God’s people through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, we believe God intends to wake up our churches to His glory and mission in new and surprising ways.

If you believe God wants to use your church to impact your community, reach out to our Life Action church events team. We would love to share with you how we have helped thousands of churches throughout North America press in to seasons of renewal for the glory of God and good of the church.

Schedule a conversation with our church events team to learn more and to explore open event dates.