Dear Life Action Family,

What you’re doing right now is really important.

We know it’s been challenging, and we know things will likely get worse before they get better. But your choice to follow Jesus each day in the midst of great difficulty is really important. Your next yes to God is still the path forward; and in this unique season, an extra helping of faith is required.

You are receiving this as someone who has been a part of the Life Action story—among those praying, donating, attending, and participating in Life Action outreaches over the years. We are so very, very grateful for you.

Along with the rest of “normal” life, our ministry has drastically changed over the past week. Our road teams have been recalled, our spring camp events have been cancelled, and many of our future plans have been put on pause.

For how long? We don’t know. And what will the impact be? Your guess is as good as ours.

A season of Life Action without road teams or camp events wasn’t what any of us would have imagined, even ten days ago. And yet, “for such a time as this,” we’re all here in this moment. God is going to use this pandemic challenge to reshape churches, communities, and nations, and very likely ministry groups like Life Action.

While we pray for a return to “ministry as usual,” we also don’t want to miss what could be the most important transformational moment in our generation. You are a part of it too, and don’t you feel it? One chapter ending, another beginning?

The message is still the same, and the mission hasn’t changed. But methods? It’s a new day!

We can all grow during this time; we can emerge stronger than we were before, we can advance the mission of Jesus in ways we never previously imagined—but all that only happens if, in our hearts, we’re making small choices in the right direction.

“Yes, Lord, to Your will and to Your way.”

Our whole team here is so glad to count you among our friends, among those who at one time or another have said yes to God and to His vision for a revived church. We’re asking Him to guide us forward, and we’re intent on continuing to seek His kingdom above all else. For whatever lies ahead, we welcome your help. Life Action isn’t about a staff or a speaker or a team; it’s about you, putting your life into action for Christ.

In the weeks to come, our leadership teams will be retooling to meet the unique needs of this hour; and we’ll be relying on people like you to pray with us, stand with us, and take action with us. More communications will follow in the coming weeks to keep you in the loop on new developments and opportunities to maximize this moment for God’s glory. Be sure you’re following Life Action on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, encouragement, and challenges.

Many of you have prayed along with our team for God to lift our eyes off of the things of this world, to break us out of our norms so we could really seek Him in a new way.

Well, it’s happening.

We’re excited about the future, and all that God can do when a “rag-tag army” of Jesus-followers take His words seriously. Pandemic or not, let’s be that army, and let’s keep moving forward!

Sincerely in Christ,

The Life Action Team, represented by:

Steve and Debby Canfield, Blue Team Leaders
Gregg and Patti Simmons, Red Team Leaders
Shane and Leigh Black, Silver Team Leaders
John Avant, President of Life Action
Ben Slenk, Vice President and Church Events
Aaron Paulus, Communications Director
Peter Pappas, Donor Relations
Matt Messer, Pastor Relations
Dan Jarvis, Message Director
Ryan Loveing, Camp Director
Del Fehsenfeld, Pastoral Director
Rich Lee, Executive Administrator for LAM
Byron Paulus, CEO of LAM