God is more concerned with my character than with my comfort or convenience.

Praying is foundational to preaching. Prayerless preachers cannot move the heart of God.

Personalizing God’s Word is more important than theological knowledge.

Commitment to truth is more important than commitment to friends and their opinions.

Being a shepherd is more important than being an administrator.

My personal devotional life is foundational to and more important than my public ministry.

Faithfulness to God is more important than successor accomplishments.

Pleasing God is more important than pleasing people.

Being a servant is more important than being served.

A pure church is more important than a large or popular church.

Living by faith is more important than living by sight (feelings, frustrations, figuring).

My most important ministry is in my heart and my home.

The attitude, spirit, and lifestyle I long to see in others must first be in me.

The kingdom of God is bigger than my local church.

Being filled with the Spirit is essential to a powerful and God-honoring life and ministry.

Brokenness and repentance are essential to fellowship and personal revival.

Eternal things are more important than temporal things.

Don’t focus on people, problems, or circumstances. Focus on the Lord.

Love the Lord with all your being.

Don’t allow your faith in God to become stagnant.

Don’t become bitter and hard through difficult circumstances.

Don’t compare yourself, ministry, church, or situation to others. Be content.

Don’t look for another place of service. Look for God!

Be accountable to God, to your wife and family, to those over you in the Lord, and to those you are leading.

Be teachable. Be a learner. Don’t let pride cause you to fall.

Be authentic in your life, marriage, family, and ministry. Be truthful. Be a person of integrity.

Personal, family, church, and national revival is our greatest need. Pray for and expect God’s intervention and invasion.


Pastor Bobby Moore (1934–2010) was a humble mentor and life example to many of us in the Life Action Ministries family. He served as a Board member, guest speaker, contributing author, and host to more than ten Life Action team events in his church. Shortly before his promotion to heaven, he shared this list with us.