What Your Church Really Needs in 2016

Your church needs you to keep fighting hard—to keep passionately seeking God, to keep leading and loving in Jesus’ name. The videos, free PDF download below, and practical suggestions for ministry enhancement found here will prayerfully give you a fresh surge of joy and actionable ideas.

Calling believers to revived life in Christ is our passion, so they can take kingdom action that honors Him. Perhaps in 2016 this kind of new life could flow into your church—an overflow of your fervent prayers and Great Commission vision. That’s what Lead 2016 is all about (encouraging you!), and that’s why our ministry is here to serve.


To help you best lead your church in 2016, we’ve developed a Leadership e-book which features helpful articles on:

  • Four Fresh Ways to End Your Sermon
  • Five Ways to Enrich Your Leadership Meetings
  • Three Qualities That Transcend Leadership
  • Ideas to Jumpstart Church Prayer
  • Making Sermon Applications More Personal
  • Will Your Church Experience Revival This Year?
  • Four Lists Every Leader Can Make