13-Day Journeys of Paul Tour

May 19-31, 2024
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Join This Unforgettable Tour of the Journeys of Paul

Join tour hosts John and Donna Avant and Donny and Kristi Vanker for the greatest spiritual growth and revival experience of your life! Together, we will see places where the amazing events of the early church happened that changed the world and our lives. But even more, we will ask God to bring the same power of the Holy Spirit that launched the New Testament church into our own lives, and to send us back revived, as agents of revival. Put your deposit down now. We will limit the size of this trip in order to have a very personal experience together. Join us in this Life Action adventure in the land of the Bible.

Tour Hosts John and Donna Avant

Donna and I invite you to join us on an amazing journey retracing the footsteps of the apostle Paul. We will step into history and walk alongside Paul as we journey through Philippi, Thessaloniki, Berea, Athens, Corinth, Crete, Patmos, Ephesus, and Rome. The Holy Scriptures will come to life in unimaginable ways. This will be the trip of a lifetime that promises to forever change us!

Tour Hosts Donny and Kristi Vanker

Kristi and I would be thrilled to have you join us this coming May on the Journeys of Paul tour. We are personally excited to embark on this journey and truly believe it will be life-changing for all of us!

What Others Are Saying About Previous Tours

“What a blessing it was to travel to Israel with Donna and John Avant. The teaching of the Scripture at each stop made the Bible come to life. Our favorite was Donna’s story of Rahab. This was not just a trip or a vacation but a truly memorable experience that changed our life, and an event that we will share with others for many years to come.”
– Brad and Tricia

“Even today, I have joy in remembering my trip to Israel with John and Donna Avant as my guides. Its beauty, spiritual meaning, and rich history enhanced my life.”
– Marti Richardson

“My trip to Israel with John and Donna Avant was one of the most formative events of my discipleship journey. You will read and learn the Scripture where the events took place, and you’ll never read the Bible the same again.”
– J.D.

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