You won’t find a single conversion story in the Bible where a person was only slightly changed or simply made a “better” person.

God’s grace is transformative. The change He brings to each life is real, thorough, and pronounced. Can you imagine—

  • Peter, Andrew, James, and John meeting Jesus, considering His call, but choosing to stay with their boats and nets?
  • The woman at the well encountering Jesus, not telling her neighbors about Him, and continuing to cohabit with her lover?
  • Saul never becoming Paul, losing his zeal as a persecutor of Christians but never once proclaiming the gospel?
  • Moses covering his ears to God’s call and pouring water on the burning bush?

Of course we can’t imagine any of these scenarios. Why not? Because the Savior converted these sinners into saints and made them new creations.

He gave them new life and new purpose, and He has done the same for you. Just as it would have been impossible for these disciples and faith warriors to remain the same people they had been, so it is for you now that you are in Christ.

Therefore, in keeping with your new nature and in obedience to the One whose kindness brought you to repentance, faithfully demonstrate to the world that God is real. Live as one who believes—really believes—that God is alive and worthy of your complete devotion. Seek to glorify Him in all you do!

Say YES to God. Tell others of the transforming work He has done—and is doing—in your life.

For me it is good to be near God;
I have made the Lord GOD my refuge,
that I may tell of all your works.
(Psalm 73:28 ESV)