I have been writing about the six responses to God that we teach will prepare our hearts for revival. Last month we talked about humility. The second response is:


There is a lot of game-playing in the church today. We feel a need to impress others, to hide our failures and sins, to wear a mask before God and others.

That never results in anything but isolation and self-deception. Entire churches can fool themselves and others for years.

I once came as a new pastor to a church that regularly “cooked the books” on the numbers attending, to mask the decline they had experienced for years. I didn’t know the true state of the church until I arrived as their pastor!

But God sends revival to those who care what HE thinks, not what others think.

When God moved powerfully at Howard Payne University in 1995, it began with a student saying publicly that he was taking off his mask. And then, just three months ago, God moved in revival at Oklahoma Baptist University after a student there said the same thing.

Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32 ESV).

Do you want to get real with God? Do you want to hear His voice, even if it hurts? The people listening to Jesus say those words didn’t want honesty with God, and they rejected Him.

Peter puffed himself up and said he would never deny Christ. The Lord spoke hard but honest words to Peter. And He will to you, too, if you really want honesty with Him.

Why hide from Him, like Adam and Eve in the garden, when He has already forgiven you completely? His grace is so beautiful and healing. But you can’t have it while you hide.

And what about others? Are you completely honest with at least one other believer who can walk with you in accountability?

I was overseas on a mission trip when I found out that one of my dear friends had fallen into sexual sin and forfeited his ministry. I was crushed. I was with my good friend and spiritual coach at the time. He let me grieve but then said, “John, I will ask you the hard questions and be here for you even if you fall. Now you have no excuse to be isolated and alone in sin.”

Wow! Pursue a friend like that. Be a friend like that.

Do you want revival? Really? Then in the days ahead, be real. Be transparent. Be vulnerable. Be honest. God will come to you! You are His son/daughter.

There is no reason to hide. Not from His love. Not from the family of God. That’s your road to revival. And our road together to help others experience revival also!