From September 11–14, 2016, 63 churches were represented at a OneCry Conference held at the Dalton Convention Center. Roughly 1,500 adults, 160 youth, and 110 children were in attendance. God made Himself known to His people in the Dalton area in remarkable ways, and it was humbling to witness.

It was amazing to see the unity of the body of Christ on display each evening. Coming from all over the city, different denominations, ethnicities, walks of life, and religious traditions set aside their differences for the greater purpose of seeking the Reviver together.

The worship times evidenced a passionate love for God as all worshiped the name of Jesus, expressing themselves freely and joyfully in many different ways, with hands raised, standing, or kneeling. Seeing a city with a strong core group of pastors all longing for one thing—revival—was most encouraging.

On Monday evening, as one of the pastors was praying aloud, he was overcome with emotion, acknowledging that he was no more worthy to be leading prayer than anyone else. He confessed humbly, “I’m the chiefest of sinners.”

He brokenly recognized that the only way we will ever see revival is by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, not as the result of the eloquence of any one man’s prayer. God has called His men to be leaders and shepherds, and to humble themselves before the Lord and their congregations.

During the conference, a young girl expressed the hunger in her heart, saying, “I’m going to stay with my parents for the service tonight because I’m really wanting to hear what they are saying.” Facing surgery soon, she confessed, “I am afraid . . . but I’m praying, and I believe that God can heal my foot.”

What can we attribute the faith and working of God in the Dalton area to? Over 30 years ago, a man prayed that God would bring churches in Dalton together in a unified cry for revival. And in the days preceding the conference, many were in great anticipation of what God would do there.

With prayer preparing the way, many lives began changing, and the community grew closer together even before the Life Action Team arrived. The special services last week seem to have reaped the rewards of what had been sown.

The gentleman who prayed 30 years ago was able to attend and witness God answering his prayer during the OneCry Conference in Dalton, Georgia. The Life Action Team is grateful and humbled that God would choose to use them as a part of the answer to this man’s prayer. Does He want to use you in your community, your city, your state to plant seeds for revival?

As the founder of Life Action pleaded a number of years ago, “God is simply looking for one person who will pay the price in prayer and in faith and in commitment, whatever it takes, to get a hold of God and not let loose, to be that man, to be that woman. . . . Use me. I will pray, Lord. I will believe You. I will lay hold of You and not stop until You have poured out Your Spirit, revived Your church, awakened this nation, and turned it back to God.”