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Family Camp’s theme this summer is Be Strong, and attendees are donning boots and camo to get serious about God’s Word—getting the Bible’s life-changing truths embedded into their family life. After all, we have an amazing mission to live for—marching orders from our Commander, Jesus!

A lot of families are learning what it means to leave a legacy, and how important it is to memorize Scripture so we can stand against the schemes and plans of the evil one. We asked attendees to share what they learned during their week of camp. Here are several testimonies from the past few weeks.

I learned . . .

  • . . . the importance of continuing the teaching of the fear and admonition of the Lord. The testimony I have does not end with my children, but teaching my adult children, grandchildren, and generations to come. We want to begin new traditions, ceremonies, and blessings.
  • . . . that I am working on leaving a legacy, and I need to be more aware of how my actions and words are contributing to that legacy for my son and future generations. I also learned that the prayers I pray for my son are powerful, and I need to be more specific when approaching God on his behalf. I need to be consistent and diligent in praying for my son and the ministry he will have one day.
  • . . . the importance of generations that have impacted future generations with the gospel. It has been a reminder of the importance of family both in the past and present, knowing the influence they have on our lives. I learned that I can leave a godly legacy to my grandchildren.
  • . . . that memorizing Scripture is quite important. It can arm me and my family to fight the devil as well as spread the gospel. That my family, to my fault, is woefully unprepared in their spiritual journey. That I must become the spiritual leader of my family for the benefit of the generations to come. That I must be deliberate each day to continue to walk with God—the closer I become to God, the more I will be able to direct and share wisdom with my family and others! That small sins can and will lead to larger ones, but that by repentance and turning to God, I can be redeemed by His grace and mercy.
  • . . . that the fear of God is something learned. And I have learned how much more I and my family need to apply Scripture and memorization into our daily lives. There is a verse in the Bible to help you with any temptation you may have.