Five women testify that even when hearts are broken and messes are made, new beginnings are still possible by God’s grace.

As Life Action ministers in churches, our team leaders notice patterns that span across denominational and ethnic lines—struggles which are common to all of us. Among the most common? Marriage and family problems, kept hidden from public view. Here, five women offer a glimpse into the “real world” of their challenges.

When we learned about forgiveness, I felt God was talking to me. I have been so very angry and bitter at my husband. I just want to thank God because without His help to overcome this, I don’t know what I would do. I am still a work in progress, but I know that as long as we have God on our side, our marriage can weather any storm.


You found me at a very sad point in my life where my husband of twenty-four years decided to file for divorce. Throughout this process I have always kept the faith, hope, and unconditional love in my heart that this decision can be turned around.


The Saturday Home Life Cafe in the middle of our Summit revitalized my belief even more that all things are possible with God’s will and grace. I want to be the best wife and soul mate my husband could ever have.


I started this week angry, contemplating leaving my husband, leaving my church, and withdrawing from God. For some reason I had volunteered to host some of the team girls in my home—and I learned so much from them! I came the first Sunday of the conference with trepidation, knowing my selfishness was about to be exposed … AND, BOY, WAS IT! I ended up confessing to my husband, to my Christian sisters for prayer, and to my children for forgiveness. I lived to be in the sanctuary every night at 6:00 for the next part of the story. You spoke the Word boldly to me, in love, and I will never be the same.


Eight days ago I was focused on the sorrow of not being able to have children. God has reminded me in these days that He loves me, that our inability to bear children isn’t because I’ve done something wrong, and that I can trust His plan even when I don’t understand. I haven’t arrived yet, but I’m trading my sorrow for joy bit by bit each day. God has reminded me that my husband is a gift, a precious gift that I shouldn’t take for granted.


Five months ago I asked for a divorce, and through divine intervention God pierced my husband’s heart, and he has prayed for us daily. We have been working through our difficulties, and the message the team gave on suffering gripped my heart. God brought me to my knees that night. I totally believe you were sent just to bring me the word I needed to hear.