Life Action’s Revive Conference offers smaller and mid-sized churches a Bible-centered, personal application-focused experience with one of Life Action’s speakers.

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A Flexible 4-Day Conference

If your church family needs a fresh spark of passion for Christ, a renewed “first love” relationship with Him, this event may serve you well. Most Revive Conferences span from Sunday morning through Wednesday night, and include nightly services and daytime leadership meetings. In addition to the conference itself, Life Action will also provide you with pre- and post-weekend coaching resources to help build a culture of seeking God, loving one another, and completing the Great Commission. This conference is designed for pastors looking to encourage spiritual momentum and vision; congregations averaging fewer than 350 in weekly attendance.

Practical, Biblical Teaching

The Revive Conference is based on the core content Life Action has been sharing for more than 40 years, helping people see their need for personal spiritual renewal and then walking them through the biblical process involved for change. Principles such as holiness, repentance, humility, obedience, love, prayer, and mission will, prayerfully, refresh your congregation and offer you an opportunity to lead your church forward with new kingdom momentum.

Revive Conference Cost

We request an opportunity to share the broader vision of Life Action at the conference, and ask people to give a love offering toward that vision. All donations are tax deductible, and any contributions made to Life Action will be receipted as such. We trust the Lord to provide for our needs. We love sharing what God is doing and how people can participate financially. This will always be done in a humble, faith-filled way. As for the speakers themselves, they are funded in two different ways—some are supported missionaries through Life Action, and others volunteer time away from their own local church ministry in order to help Life Action conduct conferences. In either case, our speakers are not looking for gifts or honorariums from your congregation.


Contact a member of our scheduling team at 800-321-1538 or request information by email below.

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Through Life Action events, God is transforming individuals, families, and churches. Here's what pastors and event attendees are saying about Life Action local church events.

"Before the Life Action event, I was desperate for change. I was sad, lonely, worn out. I was miserable, critical, unhappy, lethargic, unsure, and without direction. I have surrendered my will, life, body, mind and time to God. The benefits of being obedient to the Lord are that I have been filled with great gratitude and praise." — Event Attendee
"God found me unforgiving, bitter and angry. My mother was an alcoholic who married seven times. I experienced sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse. I realized I had held onto a lot hurt, bitterness and anger. God softened my heart during this time and told me I had to forgive and let it all go. I have been able, finally, to do this!" — Summit Attendee
My family was literally at war! We were on the brink of divorce and our household was in shambles. After the first week of attending, God was at work in our home. We are now praying together, communicating, and getting marriage counseling. I have learned so much about being a husband, father and spiritual leader of my family. — Summit Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my church needs a Life Action event?

Of course, we’re excited enough about our events that we would joyfully recommend them to any church! But more seriously, we recognize that churches go through various cycles; and when a church leader senses a need for fresh momentum, that’s the right moment to schedule a revival-focused event. Whether you partner with Life Action or work with another ministry, we believe that set-apart times of spiritual renewal are important to church health over the years. Here’s one way to measure your church’s need for a Life Action-type event: Read Revelation 2–3, and if you look at the churches of Ephesus, Sardis, or Laodicea and say, “Hey, that’s my church!” then you’re probably ready for revival.

How do you define “revival” meetings?

First of all, we believe that revival is for believers—unbelievers need “vival” to begin with. Many churches schedule meetings and call them “revival” (and often these are evangelistic in nature); we try to nuance things differently. Our calling is to seek God for revival among His people—new life, new passion, new joy, new vision, new obedience—and we believe that this kind of renewal would result in the church shining brightly. We would say that evangelistic focus is a fruit of revival, but revival itself is for the church, not the world. Thus, we don’t believe we can “schedule” a revival; but we can schedule a time to seek the Reviver. That’s what our events are all about.

How do I explain a Life Action event to my church staff or board members?

We can send you information that includes brochures and recommendations on how to share this with the rest of your leadership team. When you call to discuss a potential event with our scheduling team, we can also offer some coaching based on experience. However, in the meantime we recommend taking the “4-Question Challenge” at an upcoming meeting. This will help focus your leaders on the spiritual needs in your congregation (which will be a healthy exercise, whether or not you end up hosting Life Action). Here’s the challenge—four simple questions to ask and pray about together:

1. How are our people seeking God personally?
2. When do we set aside time for spiritual renewal?
3. How are we uniting in prayer for revival in our church and redemption in our community?
4. What is our action plan toward the completion of the Great Commission?

What is the format of the Revive Conference schedule?

The specifics and service times of a Revive Conference are very flexible. Typically, we begin the conference on Sunday morning (your regular service times), then continue with services Sunday through Wednesday evenings, usually beginning at 6:30. Since Revive Conferences only involve a Life Action speaker, your church will need to provide its own music, service planning, and children’s ministry. The specific speaker selected to come to your church can coach you through the process of service preparation.

What style of preaching and communicating can we expect?

At both our team events and our single-speaker weekend events, Life Action’s preaching priority is to root our messages firmly in the Scriptures. We typically have two tracks of material in events: “revival” messages and “family living” messages. Our main revival content centers around texts like James 4:4-10; Revelation 2:1-7; Luke 9:23; and Ephesians 3:14-21 (for example). When it comes to family material, we seek to apply revival principles to households, working from the principles of texts like Colossians 3 and Ephesians 5. And, while our preachers are committed to the authority of the Word in their communication, they are also known to crack a joke or two and relate God’s truth to the issues of daily life, sharing testimonies and stories of revival, and making practical challenges to obey Jesus Christ.