Refuel is a 4-day, flexible follow-up conference for churches that have already hosted a Summit and are seeking to accelerate their momentum and take next steps toward their vision.

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What Would Your Congregation Think of Reconnecting with the Life Action Team?

Refuel is utilized by churches who wish to continue the deep work of personal transformation and family renewal that God has begun. This conference adapts to the specific spiritual needs in your church, building upon core revival principles like humility and obedience, and applying them into your unique context. Refuel also aims to refresh your leadership team; encouraging and inspiring them for the next season of “life” and “action” together.

“I would like to recommend Life Action. My own life was touched and changed by the Lord, along with many others in our church.”

– Dr. Erwin Lutzer


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Exciting Children’s Programs


Thoughtful Preaching on the Scriptures


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A 4-Day Conference

Refuel is typically organized as a 4-day conference. From Sunday morning through Wednesday night, the Life Action team will bring the same kind of practical preaching, refreshing worship, memorable testimonies, dynamic children’s and youth programs, and passionate prayer that your church experienced during the Summit.

Refuel Conferences Are Ideal For:

  • A follow-up conference for those who have hosted a Life Action Summit
  • Congregations who are seeking to accelerate momentum and take next steps
  • Churches with a weekly attendance of 500 plus


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Through Life Action events, God is transforming individuals, families, and churches. Here's what pastors and event attendees are saying about Life Action local church events.

"Before the Life Action event, I was desperate for change. I was sad, lonely, worn out. I was miserable, critical, unhappy, lethargic, unsure, and without direction. I have surrendered my will, life, body, mind and time to God. The benefits of being obedient to the Lord are that I have been filled with great gratitude and praise." — Event Attendee
"God found me unforgiving, bitter and angry. My mother was an alcoholic who married seven times. I experienced sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse. I realized I had held onto a lot hurt, bitterness and anger. God softened my heart during this time and told me I had to forgive and let it all go. I have been able, finally, to do this!" — Summit Attendee
My family was literally at war! We were on the brink of divorce and our household was in shambles. After the first week of attending, God was at work in our home. We are now praying together, communicating, and getting marriage counseling. I have learned so much about being a husband, father and spiritual leader of my family. — Summit Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send the same team/team leaders back to my church?
How long should we wait after our Summit before scheduling?
Hosting the event 12-18 months following the initial Summit is a good timeframe. We’d recommend checking in with our scheduling team as soon as possible – as our schedule is often booked ahead far in advance.
Is the setup the same?
For the most part, yes. The hosting, meals, and logistics are the same – except fewer total days than the Summit.