The greatest spiritual movement in history … is now. Yet sadly, for those of us in America, we have to get on an airplane to see it firsthand.

As evidence? What if I told you that Iran, one of the most spiritually oppressed places on earth right now, is in the midst of a massive underground revival? It may be the greatest Jesus Movement of our day! (Click here to read an encouraging article about the growing church in Iran.)

We’re celebrating that here at Life Action. We’re EXCITED so many people are saying yes to God in dark places.

But why not here? And why do we have to get on an airplane to see powerful spiritual movement?

You’re probably well aware that the answer is complex and multi-faceted.

Some of our churches are consumed with right-vs.-left politics.

Others are still clinging to old paradigms, and even to old prejudices, which basically take them out of the Great Commission vision altogether.

And sadly, a lot of our churches are just selfishly focused instead of mission focused—a problem that’s notoriously easy to diagnosis but difficult for local church pastors to actually solve.

I know, because I’ve pastored for more than 35 years before serving here at Life Action. And the reason I’m here is because I want to see God move in our culture the way He’s moving today across Asia, Latin America, and Africa. I want to see the kind of change in our day what we Americans have only seen in our history books, or in brief glimpses as we’ve traveled the world.

But when I really ask, “Lord, what’s wrong? Why not here? Why not now?” I come back to a haunting question: “What if I am the problem?”

The most important changes in my life have come in those moments when I simplified the challenges down to one next step. Just one change that could start inside of me.

And reading about the miracle that is happening in Iran today, I think I see what that change needs to be. It’s contained in a stunning quote from a leader in the church there:

Disciples forsake the world and cling to Jesus till He comes. Converts don’t.
Disciples aren’t engaged in a culture war. Converts are.
Disciples cherish, obey, and share the Word of God. Converts don’t.
Disciples choose Jesus over anything and everything else. Converts don’t.
Converts run when the fire comes. Disciples don’t.

Maybe the spiritual awakening we’re longing for is reserved for disciples, not “just converts.” Because this isn’t a matter of mere belief; it’s a matter of life-altering transformation.

Will you be a disciple instead of just a convert? Will you actually follow Jesus, wherever He leads?

Will you love the lost rather than just oppose them? Will you focus more on a King and His kingdom than a President and his policies?

Will you say YES to Jesus as the center of your life, regardless of the cost? Isn’t that what it means to be a disciple?

Will you join me in making a commitment to discipleship, to see what God will do when we give our hearts fully to Him?