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Life Action Local Church Teams

Designed for the entire church family, Life Action’s local church events provide a one-of-a-kind experience, encouraging believers to reconnect with God and each other. They provide concentrated times of seeking God together, focusing on biblical truth about humility, repentance, obedience, marriage, parenting, prayer, and kingdom-focused living. Discover the different events available for your church.

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Life Action Camp

Life Action Camp is an outreach of Life Action Ministries, whose stated goal is to see God move in revival. In revival, God renews hearts, restores marriages, reforms churches, and rescues nations. We believe that a widespread revival and spiritual awakening is the best hope for changing America. Extraordinary change—the kind of change that is lived, not just talked about—really is possible. Building the kingdom . . . one family at a time.

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The Lodge at Life Action

The Lodge is an ideal locale for pastors’ retreats, couples’ getaways, staff meetings, leadership events, and specialized functions. Whether it be one of our retreats that we facilitate, or one that we customize for your group, our beautiful facilities, immaculate housekeeping, and gourmet meals will envelop you in luxury. Rest. Refocus. Renew.

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Revive Our Hearts

Revive Our Hearts is calling women to freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ. Our hearts’ burning desire is to help women thrive in Christ. Not only do we want this for each woman, we believe that: 1 thriving woman + 1 thriving woman + 1 thriving woman = a thriving culture. Everything we do is with the aim of helping women thrive in Christ—to really know Him, to trust Him enough to obey Him, to love and enjoy Him.
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The OneCry Movement

OneCry is a movement of believers who are urgently crying out to God to revive the church and transform the culture. It isn’t an organization, program, or event. It’s a movement of like-minded people, churches, and organizations who agree that our nation needs a dramatic turnaround—but not the kind that comes from different politics, more education, or a better economy. Instead, it’s a cry to God for spiritual transformation of our hearts, homes, and communities. We believe that extraordinary things will happen as we turn from sin and seek God together!

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