Since my position announces, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ,” I’m definitely going to need Your help, Lord Jesus. In order to safeguard my life message, to live a life worthy of the calling I’ve received:

I choose to reject pride and embrace humility. My ministry must never become about me, or about my brand, or about my own success. This week:

  • Did I treat anyone with arrogance or condescension?
  • Who did I elevate and empower instead of myself?
  • In my conversations, did I talk more or listen more?

I choose to reject secrecy and embrace honesty. My soul must not harbor wrong motives, thoughts, behaviors, or attitudes. This week:

  • Have I confessed all of my known sins to You, and to those they impacted?
  • Did I view or dwell on anything I would not wish to be made public?
  • Who asked me difficult questions to hold me accountable?

I choose to reject my own way and embrace repentance. I must turn away from evil and toward You, every day, especially as I invite others to do the same. This week:

  • Did I spend money on anything that did not glorify You?
  • Was my use of time honoring to my call and to those who support me in it?
  • What would my closest co-workers, children, and spouse report about my personal holiness?

I choose to reject bitterness and embrace forgiveness. My relationships with all people need to refl ect Your love, purity, and grace. This week:

  • Are the private aspects of my relationships with my spouse, children, and colleagues healthy?
  • Am I harboring resentment toward anyone or anything, in any aspect of my life?
  • Did I do anything to cause hurt or loss that I need to seek forgiveness for?

I choose to reject self-leadership and embrace obedience. My heart must always be saying YES to You, my Lord and Savior. This week:

  • Have I obeyed all the promptings of Your Holy Spirit?
  • Was there any instance when I said no to You? Have I dealt with that?
  • Did my acts of obedience to You fl ow from proper motivations?

I choose to reject earthly priorities and embrace a kingdom-first life. My highest vision is to give all I am because I love You, not to gain status or comforts for myself. This week:

  • Did I do anything purely to serve, not to show?
  • When did I spend time talking with You about Your priorities and vision?
  • What did I give up because of my commitment to the gospel?
Lord, it is with a profound sense of gratefulness that I accept afresh my call to lead Your people—not merely in a leadership of words, but in a leadership of lifestyle—beginning with what I do next, after I say amen.