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Restitution Leads to Restoration

In our love for Christ and our desire to see Him glorified, there is one aspect that many people overlook. As we are called to walk in humble confession and instant obedience to the Lord, we sometimes neglect to see how this impacts the way we interact with other...

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Seven Words That Changed My Life

No way! No way ... I can’t! No way ... I won’t! As the conviction of God’s Spirit escalated, pressing me to clear my conscience with others, so did my resistance. What God was asking of me was just too much! The level of honesty and humility required would devastate...

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Leave Your Gift and Go!

During Jesus’ day, people would travel long distances from their homes to make sacrifices at the temple in Jerusalem. Imagine for a moment that you are one of those travelers, and let’s say you came from a nearby city—a few days’ walk from Jerusalem. You’ve taken...

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Responding to Hurt

“Husbands, love your wives and do not be embittered against them” (Colossians 3:19 NASB). It is repeated enough in the Bible that we should get the picture: Our main task as husbands is to love our wives. Not to be confused about the nature of that love, Paul adds a...

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Your Next Step to Personal Revival

When I was 17, after some years of rebellion, the Lord brought me to such deep conviction and anxiety about my life that I finally came to Him in full surrender. It was the single greatest moment of turning in my life, other than my salvation. My dad counseled me to...

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“My Conscience Is Now Clear”

Obtaining a clear conscience will be harder for some people than for others. But the joy and freedom you will find at the end of that journey of obedience cannot be matched! Here are testimonies from two different individuals whose hearts God impressed to deal with...

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