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We never get tired of reading the letters people send us after our local church events. God does things in lives that we could never do, no matter how long or hard we might try! The names below have been changed, but the stories of God at work are real. Rejoice with us over what God is doing in hearts, one by one, as He helps people break down walls and restore relationships, becoming right with Him and others.


A seven-year hostile relationship was corrected after I heard your teaching on clear conscience. I apologized and asked forgiveness for an angry outburst that severed a good relationship between my pastoral replacement and me. I am now more sensitive to the pain of others, no matter the source.
– a pastor


Five years ago, before I was a Christian, I did thousands of dollars’ worth of vandalism. A few nights ago, the revivalist taught about a clear conscience. God was working on my heart that night, so I asked for advice and prayer. I hadn’t gone and asked forgiveness for those wrongs because of the possibility of jail time and owing tons of money. But I decided that if it was God’s will for me to do prison ministry from the inside, that would be way more fulfilling than being on the outside with guilt and outside of God’s will. The following day, I went and asked for forgiveness and said I wanted to make restitution. They didn’t give me jail time, or make me pay them back; instead, they are giving me community service to pay back the damage I caused. I can’t thank your team enough for being such obedient vessels of God!
– Randy


After our session Thursday night about having a clear conscience, I confessed to my wife some sin from seventeen years before in our marriage. God’s grace was on that moment, although the healing will take time. Five hours later, I woke to an inch of water covering our downstairs living space. The washing machine hose for the cold water had split open and was filling the rooms. After I turned it off, I realized we might have gotten electrocuted because of the extension cords we were using that were under water. Again, God’s hand had protected us. I thought of your teaching and put on some praise music and began to praise God and pray for my wife. God had used our time of confession and repentance as a team-building, mate-building exercise. It was also much easier to let go of whatever may have been damaged, with a focus on the eternal and not the temporal. Thank you! Words cannot express the impact you have made in our lives for Christ!
– Bryce


As a mother of five children, ages 17 to 31, my most stressful parenting days are pretty well done. I have often asked God to forgive me for the ways I failed, yet I constantly thank Him for the blessing He has given my husband and me to see our children walking in the ways of the Lord. But I had no idea what a blessing and release of guilt it would be to complete the assignment of asking each child how I had failed them as they grew, calling it sin on my part and asking their forgiveness. Even though I thought I had a good relationship with each of them, for several of them, it was like a healing salve. I no longer need to focus on my failures, and they no longer need to harbor any resentments. When we are tempted to fall back into unproductive guilt or sinful bitterness, we have that wonderful forgiveness to hang onto. Thank you, Life Action, for helping me be more fully obedient and know the joy that brings!
– Maria