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Church Events Speaker Team

Ryan & Maryann Loveing

Ryan’s practical teaching and preaching flow out of the failures and successes of his past three decades as a husband, father, student, entrepreneur, teacher, and preacher. Endeavoring to develop a community of Christian authenticity, he feels compelled to lovingly challenge the status quo of many believers toward a practical understanding and application of God’s Word. Reviving the sleepy, complacent church is the consuming call the Lord has placed on his life.

Ryan longs to see awakening to the truth and restoration of first love of Jesus throughout the nations. Since 1995, Ryan and Maryann and their family have traveled across North America, into Central America, and overseas to promote the message of revival among believers and spiritual awakening of the lost.

Gregg & Patti Simmons

Gregg graduated from Baylor University and Liberty Baptist Seminary and served as a local church pastor for almost thirty years, most recently as lead pastor of Church at the Cross in Grapevine, TX. In 2007, he began serving as a part-time staff revivalist with Life Action before accepting an invitation to serve full time in 2013. He is an experienced family counselor, family life speaker, and Bible conference speaker, and has served on advisory boards for community, state, and national ministries. He has a great passion to see spiritual renewal in the home, church, and nation. Gregg and his wife, Patti, have been married since 1981 and have three grown children, a son-in-law, and a daughter-in-law.

Steve & Debby Canfield

After graduating from Bible college with a degree in Bible and counseling, Steve served as a youth pastor in Illinois. Since joining Life Action Ministries in 1975, he has communicated family-centered, revival-oriented truths to over a million people in churches, camps, public high schools, and civic auditoriums.

Debby faithfully serves alongside her husband, mentoring the team girls and speaking to and counseling women in the churches. She and Steve have six children and have committed their lives to believing God for nationwide revival.

Jimmy & Lori Herdklotz

Jimmy grew up in a Christian home and attended Christian college. He joined Life Action in 1988 and has served as Outreach Director and a speaker for the Life Action Camp. Jimmy is currently the Family Revivalist and Team Pastor on a Life Action travel team. He specializes in life-to-life ministry and one-on-one conversations.

Jimmy and Lori have been married 24 years, and they have four sons: Jonathan, Austin, Cameron, and Bradley.

Rich & Grace Lee

Rich grew up in Missouri, where he served churches as a pastoral staff member for 19 years. Rich, Grace, and their children first encountered Life Action’s principles at Family Camp in 2008. They immediately resonated with the spirit and message evident in every outreach of Life Action Ministries. In 2015 they realized a call to serve as missionaries through Life Action.

Rich loves to help others discover, develop, and pursue their God-designed place in the church body. He applies this passion of discipleship as Family Revivalist and Team Director for the Revival Conference Team. The Lee family is completed by five children: Joshua, Isaac, Charis, Micah, and Zachry.

Shane & Leigh Black

Shane grew up in Dothan, Alabama. He went to Life University and graduated as a Chiropractic Physician in 1995. He was a practicing chiropractor for 19 years and has also served as a pulpit supply preacher since 2004. In 2010 God called him and his family into full-time vocational ministry. He began serving with Life Action as a part-time pre-summit speaker until accepting an invitation to serve full time as a Family Revivalist. His passion is to see God send revival to families.

Shane and his wife, Leigh, have seven children: Samuel (deceased), Grace, Lindsey, Margaret, Ema Kate, Anna Claire, and Joshua. They desire to see God glorified as they enjoy Him.