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Vol 2. In Time of Need

Mountain Man Jack and his Base Campers are back, in an exciting new audio drama album from Life Action Ministries! Hold on to your seat, as the campers face new and sometimes dangerous adventures, learning new lessons about obedience, God’s Word, prayer, and an attitude of relying on God daily. There are two discs (over two hours of entertainment) included.

Vol 1. The Climb of Your Life

A brand new audio drama series based on our beloved Base Camp curriculum, Base Camp Adventures invites children into the exciting world of Mountain Man Jack and his base campers. As they brave the slopes of Mt. Eternity, they hear new parables and learn about the life-changing principles of revival from God’s Word. There are two discs (over two hours of entertainment) included.

Base Camp Activity Book

The Base Camp Adventures Coloring and Activity Book is filled with all the characters you know and love from the audio drama CD, including Mountain Man Jack, Joe, Albert, and Piper. There are coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and word searches that all tie in to the stories from the Base Camp Adventures CD. The activity book is filled with over 40 fun pages from the world of Base Camp!

Discovered (A Novel)

Discovered is from the world of Base Camp Adventures. A young girl discovers a mysterious journal which holds a long-forgotten history. Join her as she learns about the land of Adhara, a young boy named Kaden, a sinister plot to kidnap the Prime Minister’s daughter, and the unforgettable adventure that followed. Adhara is the world of Sin the Camel, Marcus’ Journey, and the Good Prince come to life! Learn its secrets, unravel the mystery, and discover what it all has to do with Mountain Man Jack and his base campers in the first of this new series, Tales from Adhara.

Listen to Clips from Base Camp Adventures

Packed and Ready

Episode 1 - Learning to Climb

Pirates Attack!

Episode 6 - Marcus' Journey Part 2

God Takes Sin Seriously

Episode 2 - Sin, the Camel

Help Mountain Man Jack gather firewood!

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